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    Wednesday, May 20, 2015

    Chocolate Love: Casita Xocolat

    Casita Xocolat

    Every payday, I wanted to reward myself for working so hard. That is why I am trying out new food around the area in Eastwood. It was so timely that my co-worker suggested to have some Xoco Dinosaur in Xocolat. Then it is decided that we are going to Casita Xocolat on a payday.

    It was Friday afternoon before our shift that we planned to go. Casita Xocolat is hidden inside Topy's Place Compound. They only have a small place with al fresco dining but I bet you wouldn't want to stay outside because of the scorching heat. 

    Casita Xocolat

    I arrived early and chose a table for me and my friend. While waiting for her, I got a chance to took pictures. There is a rustic feel vibe with the ambiance and displays inside.

    Casita Xocolat

    Casita Xocolat

    Casita Xocolat

    There is a small side table where books are placed. The books are all about chocolates! But they are really old.

    Casita Xocolat

    Casita Xocolat

    The table have a mosaic designs. JK was so late so I decided to order my food. I ordered for their meaty lasagna. I am craving for a lasagna that time. 

    Casita Xocolat's Meaty Lasagna
    Meaty Lasagna P185.00

    I was a bit dissapointed with their lasagna. Being my favorite food, I had high hopes for this one because I will be able to compare it to my favorites. Too bad, it was salty. I tasted it so many times and trying to figure out where the saltiness came from. I am not really sure if it was the spices. And so I was not able to finish it.

    Casita Xocolat's Meaty Lasagna

    It is also small and the layering is thin for its price though there is an abundant cheese on top.

    Casita Xocolat

    So I decided to order some dessert. I ordered for the Oreo Orange Cheesecake. I'd never tasted an orange cheesecake so this is the first time. And because it's Friday, their chosen cakes and pastries are on 50% off. The cheesecake was ok.

    Casita Xocolat's Oreo Orange Cheesecake
    Oreo Orange Cheesecake P62.50

    Casita Xocolat's Brownies

    I'll make sure next time to have some of their brownies.

    Casita Xocolat's Xoco Dinosaur
    Xoco Dinosaur P165.00

    I am already finished with my meal and my date is still not around. JK was super super late, she texted me that she was already on her way and I need to order her Xoco Dinosaur. So glad that I ordered this because this is the star of the day. Maybe I should just try the chocolate drinks here next time. It is consists of pure chocolate, top with milo. The drink was pretty big and we had it on for take out because we are running late for our shift.

    Chocolate Love: Casita Xocolat
    Late na nga nagawa pang magpicture :p

    Overall, there are misses and points. But I still want to go back to this place. If you are a chocolate lover, you should definitely try their chocolate menus. I will be back for the brownies and the chocolate drinks.

    Casita Xocolat
    Topy's Place Compound
    Economia cor Calle Industria St
    Brgy. Bagumbayan, Libis, QC

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