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    Wednesday, April 22, 2015

    Sexy Full Lips Tutorial

    Ok, I confess that I don't have fuller lips. I am cheating on it. Before, I will only do the normal lipstick on the natural shape of my lips. What I hate about it is that, my upper lips is so thin that when I smile, you will not notice it. See the picture below:

    Sexy Full Lips Tutorial

    But don't get me wrong, having uneven or thin lips will not make you ugly. Of course not! It's just that there are times that I am wishing that I have full and sexy lips. In short, nag mamaarte lang talaga ako. He He He.

    Now let me teach you a simple tutorial on how to get those full sexy lips. I am using a Wet N Wild on Sugar Plum Fairy Shade.

    Wet N Wild on Sugar Plum Fairy
    Wet N Wild on Sugar Plum Fairy

    If you want to use a lip-liner, you can also do so.

    Sexy Full Lips Tutorial

    First, trace the lip perimeters, its ok to exceed from your normal lip lines. Just control on how high the shape you want it to be. The technique that was taught to me is to draw the vertical lines opposite from your nostrils.

    Sexy Full Lips Tutorial

    Now, from the line start to apply the lipstick downward and continue to outline the outer lip area.

    Sexy Full Lips Tutorial

    Afterwards, from the line again apply the lipstick downward on the other side shaping like a triangle. It's ok that it's not a perfect triangle, I like it more of a round on the tip. Just continue outlining until you finish the half of your lips so it will look like the above image.

    Sexy Full Lips Tutorial

    Repeat the steps and finish the other side of your lips and your lower lips.

    Sexy Full Lips Tutorial

    As you can see the left side is not proportion from the right side. So I just added a bit more on the left side. It's best to use the tip of your lipstick for this. Finish the whole thing by edging the sides if there are any smudges. And check if you aim for the v-shape at the center of your lips to make it look more sexy.

    Sexy Full Lips Tutorial
    Never mind the eyebags okie? :p

    So this is the final look.

    Sexy Full Lips Tutorial
    See the difference?

     I want to thank Tanya, my communications trainer, for teaching me on how to do this. 
    I hope you find this tutorial helpful. :)

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