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    Friday, February 13, 2015

    Valentine's Fair 2015 at Eastwood

    Find the perfect Valentine's gift at Eastwood Mall's Valentine's Fair from February 11-17 at the Atrium.

    I went at the Eastwood Mall yesterday after work. There is a Valentine's Fair from February 11 - 17 at the Atrium. If you are still looking for that perfect gift for your loved one this season, you should check items here. There are cute stuff and sweet desserts. I even scored a free taste from a cupcake stall which was yummy by the way. 

    Rose Pastillas

    Rose Pastillas


    A photo posted by Neri Ann (@nheng_28) on

    I bought the Carrot Cupcake today! It was really good! (sorry I am bias in terms of cupcakes) :)


    More sweets!

    And more sweets!



    Cute stuff toys

    I Love You Pillows!

    More stuff toys and flowers!

    Aside from the Valentine's Fair, there are also several events to look forward to:

    Marlisa Live with Darren Espanto today at 7pm.

    An Awesome Valentine Affair, February 9 - 15 at the Atrium.

    Must Love Pets A Valentine Pet Soiree. Pre-registration started last February 9, Regular registration will start at 11am on February 15.

    Our love should not be measured by what we give or how we celebrate Valentine's Day. But the thought of loving someone without giving anything in return and savoring every simple moment with your loved ones are more important. I hope you all have an awesome Valentine's Day. Spread the love everyone!

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