Annoying Plot Twist: You're Still The One

You're Still The One

I got a free special screening ticket from Robinson's Movieworld from their Regram contest. This is a great way to spend with the partner but I still need to convince him to accompany me knowing that we will watch a Love Story.

You're Still The One is co-produced by Regal Entertainment, the romance-drama film sees Salvador and Trillo as former high school sweethearts who reconnect as adults.

A second chance at love eludes them, however, as he is engaged to wed and she is starting a relationship with another man, portrayed by "Be Careful With My Heart" star Richard Yap.

I don't like it buti na lang it's free kundi baka nag away pa kame ng partner ko. Ha Ha Ha. And here's a bit of my review. Disclaimer, if you did not watch the movie yet, there are a lot of spoilers here.

  • Plot: The plot twist is annoying. The characters have so many wrong decisions so they end up with the person that they don't want and not happy about it. The story goes round and round.
  • Lines: There are a lot of direct lines from the characters that I like and even straight to the point. True to being realistic but I still hate the storyline.
  • Actors/Actresses: Maja Salvador really gives an effort. She can act but I hope she didn't get this project in the first place. She and Dennis Trillo don't have a chemistry. Mas gusto ko pa sila ni Coco Martin. This team up is like super "pilit"! Ellen Adarna's character doesn't fit her. Hindi bagay sa kanya maging iyakin. Mas maganda sya sa mga role na palaban. Or maybe I didn't find her acting real. I hate Dennis Trillo's character, he reminds me of the wrong guys I've been with, so conceited! Buti na lang anjan ang love team ni Melai at Jason natuwa pa ko. As for Sir Chief, medyo parang matanda na yung istura nya dito. I prefer him wearing eyeglasses mas cute sya.
  • Rated G: This movie should be rated 18. Andameng sex scenes! Me and my partner was laughing the whole time not on the sex scenes but on the 2 persons seated next to us (on my right side is I think a mother with her daughter not on her teens). The mother kept on telling the child to cover her eyes when there are sex scenes and the child keep on saying "Pwede na ba?". Then naiinis na yung bata kasi hindi nga nya mapanuod ng maayos yung movie.
  • The Twist: Eto yung pinakanakakainis sa lahat. First hindi pumayag si Maja na maging sila nung college sila ni Dennis Trillo but there was a night stand. Then there's something happened too between Ellen Adarna and Dennis Trillo. When Maja became an attorney, he looked for Dennis Trillo (she just discovered that he was the one who paid her tuition fee during their last semester). Dinala ni Dennis Trillo si Maja sa condo after taking her oat as an attorney and before something happened he told her that ikakasal na sya kinabukasan. Nung nanganak na si Ellen Adarna, kinuha ni Dennis Trillo si Maja as ninang (stupid moves ng mga ex para may connection pa rin sila sa ex nila). Tapos naging bf ni Maja si Sir Chief na may asawa pala. Dun talaga yung twist. And the line that I really hate is when Dennis Trillo said to Maja na dapat sya na lang. Hello? May asawa din kaya sya. Kayo na bahalang mag absorb sa pagkwekwento ko.

Overall, ayun puro kantyaw ang inabot ko sa partner ko. Buti na lang we had a great time kasi we were laughing the whole day. Paglabas pa namin ng sinehan, there is a reporter that will ask you about the movie. You know the one that you see on commercials kapag bago yung movie. And my partner is insisting me to have an interview eh ayoko nga kasi hindi ko naman nagustuhan yung movie. Nagtutulakan pa kami. Kaya tawa na lang kami ng tawa after. Next time daw pag sumali ako ng contest yung action naman. Ok fine. :p

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