Making Memories with Every Click: K Klick Self Photo Studio in Antipolo

Making Memories with every Click: K Klick Self Photo Studio in Antipolo

Are you searching for the perfect spot to freeze those precious moments in time? Look no further than K Klick Self Photo Studio in Antipolo. This studio is not just a place for photos, it's a place where memories are made. Whether you're celebrating a milestone, planning a unique photoshoot, or simply want to capture the joy of everyday life, K Klick is the ideal setting for creating lasting memories.

January is the birth month of my three kids so that's why we decided to book a self-photo studio near us. I found K Klick Photo Studio while browsing on Facebook, messaged them, and set an appointment. The owner asked to fill out the information and choose a package. Below is their package:

K Klick Photo Studio Packages

We chose the package "KLICK 4" and paid for a Php400 downpayment to secure the scheduled slot. The owner confirmed that payment and reminded us to come 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

He also sent the following Terms and Conditions:

K Klick Photo Terms and Condition

On the morning of the scheduled shoot, the owner even reminded us about our appointment. I confirmed that we will be going at the scheduled time.

Our experience was hassle-free with K Klick. After explaining everything to us, we made sure that we took advantage of the 35 minutes given to us to capture my family's most beautiful moments. K Klick Self Photo Studio offers a range of customizable options, including different colored backdrops, personalized props, and professional editing services. 

K Klick Self Photo Studio in Antipolo

The below pictures are the aftermath after choosing from several pictures we've taken. We also got a printout of these pictures which is included in our package.

K Klick Self Photo Studio in Antipolo

We also got a soft copy of all the pictures we've taken that day (with NO EDIT).

K Klick Self Photo Studio in Antipolo

When it comes to preserving memories, the right photography studio can make all the difference. At Klick Self Photo Studio you'll definitely be making memories with every click!

K Klick Self Photo Studio is located at 3rd fl Collective Properties Inc Maylor's Plaza Brgy San Roque Antipolo (Beside Puregold Circumferential and opposite Shopwise). 

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