Revenant Kdrama Review

 Revenant Kdrama Review

Another Kdrama series that's highly recommended is Revenant! Revenant starts off with death on a dark and stormy night. Running from an unknown threat is a folklore professor Gu Kang-mo (Jin Seon-kyu). A series of incidents will start from his death that is connected to his daughter Gu San-yeong (Twenty-Five Twenty-One’s Kim Tae-ri).

Revenant (Drama, 2023, 악귀)

Unknowingly, San-yeong was left with a hair accessory that has ties to an evil force that possessed her when she touched it. When people around her died randomly, she began to connect to Yeom Hae-Sang (Oh Jung-Se). Hae-Sang is also a folklore professor just like her father who has a special ability to see ghosts.

San-Yeong then learns from Yeom that the entity possessing her also has the ability to control her and it grows by fulfilling her desires. They decided to work together and solve the mystery of the ghost.

Lee Hong-Sae (Hong Kyung) is a lieutenant in the violent crimes investigation team who became suspicious of San-Yeong. He follows the pieces of evidence that points the finger at San-Yeong because of the people dying around her.

Revenant (Drama, 2023, 악귀)

Kim Tae-Ri just proved that she can also act a dual character showing off her versatility. I liked how she portrays herself as an evil entity from being a struggling adult. You can actually distinguish it from her eyes if she was possessed by the evil ghost.

The show was slow-burn at first. It doesn't scare at all given the fact that this series is a horror one. It's more like a mystery series of vengeful spirits that you can't easily solve. So you will keep looking forward to watching it. I liked how they connected the evil ghost stories and how they managed to trick the evil entity that possessed San-Yeong in the end.

I am also invested in the Korean Folklore stories that the show gives. It made me curious about the fascinating tales that have been passed down through generations. 

The horror that the characters experience in the series is side by side with supernatural terrors as well as human desires and dark thoughts. In conclusion, we learned from this series that humans are actually scarier than ghosts.

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