KapeLonggo: Experience Ilonggo Cuisine in Antipolo!

KapeLonggo: Experience Ilonggo Cuisine in Antipolo

KapeLonggo is now open in Antipolo City! Last Sunday, KapeLonggo open its doors to Rizaleno as it launched the 1st branch grand opening in Antipolo City. With the vision of 'From City of Smiles to World of Smiles', the place, staff, and food will definitely bring smiles to everyone. Excited to experience Ilonggo food but afraid to travel far? Try Kape Longgo now and be the judge!

KapeLonggo: Experience Ilonggo Cuisine in Antipolo

The owner Jurry Nabaja, admitted that they prayed, planned, and prepared KapeLonggo for almost 2 years.  And now it is ready to serve the people with good food and a good heart.

KapeLonggo: Experience Ilonggo Cuisine in Antipolo

KapeLonggo Restaurant is wide enough to cater to a large group of people. It has a loft-style 2nd floor where you can enjoy your food. From unique ambiance and ceiling display to elegant and spacious areas, it definitely creates a warm venue for people to enjoy each other's company.

KapeLonggo: Experience Ilonggo Cuisine in Antipolo

KapeLonggo Restaurant is often served family-style with several dishes of one of the best Ilonggo foods being shared among everyone at the heart of Rizal – Antipolo City. 

KapeLonggo: Experience Ilonggo Cuisine in Antipolo

Aside from the sumptuous dishes, they also offer pastries, cakes, and coffee!

KapeLonggo: Cakes and pastries

Souvenirs and other products are also available at their restaurant such as tumblers, gourmet tuyo, and many more.

KapeLonggo: tumblers and other products

Kape Longgo boasts a vast variety of Ilonggo cuisines. They have full Filipino dishes from fish, beef, chicken, and seafood. If you are in a group, best to try the dishes on a family serving but single orders are also available.

Callos (P450) is good for 2-3 persons. This dish is a hearty stew consisting of ox tripe, smoked sausage, beans, and bell peppers slow-cooked in tomato sauce and spices. This is best paired with hot rice!

KapeLonggo: Callos

Kansi (P408) is an ilonggo soup that is similar to sinigang. It is made with beef shank and bone marrow boiled until gelatinous. It is uniquely slightly soured with fruits like batuan or bilimbi. 

KapeLonggo: Kansi

Chicken Binakol (P349) is a type of chicken dish that is similar to Tinola. But instead of rice washing, it uses coconut juice for the soup which gives the binakol a flavorful and sweet taste. This dish is quite refreshing and comforting at the same time!

KapeLonggo: Chicken Binakol

To showcase the quality and diversity of Ilonggo cuisine to the world, this mission of KapeLonggo ensures absolute guest satisfaction as their highest priority. Visit KapeLonggo now and experience Ilonggo cuisine!

Kape Longgo
25 M. Santos Ext, Corner 
L. Sumulong Memorial Circle 
Antipolo, Philippines

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