Financial Saving Goals for 2023

Financial Saving Goals for 2023

Happy New Year everyone! It would be better to start our financial resolution for 2023 this early don't you agree? Let us all get past 2022 and start thinking about how to save this year! Let's also consider the rising interest rates and the inflation impacts on our daily life (hello expensive onions? lol).

One thing that the lockdown taught me is to save more. Who would have thought that the pandemic hit us this hard? Emotionally, physically and especially financially, we are all affected. So I really learned my lesson hard enough.

How are we going to do this again? I really want to level up my saving goal this year. To help me with my money journey, I am sharing the list of my financial goals for 2023. If I am being honest with myself, I wanted to make my financial list as realistic as possible. I wanted to achieve these goals slowly but surely.

Create a budget

Having a budget is the core of reaching the amount that you want to save. Once you have a budget, you'll be able to minimize unnecessary expenses.

Track your expenses

It might be a chore to write down anything but once you find the essence of it, it will be worth it. Not sure how to track your expenses? Just have a separate notebook for all your expenses and you should be good. Tracking my expenses has been a habit for me because I need to know where all my hard money goes.

Build Your Emergency Fund

One thing that pandemic taught me is everything is temporary. We should be always ready especially if there is an unexpected financial emergency. Don't know how to start your emergency fund? Try getting the saving portion first from your salary before the expenses. In that way, the savings will be put away first and what's left is for spending.

Keep Track of Retirement Plan

When I am in my twenties, I already planned my retirement plan by getting a Variable Universal Life Insurance Plan. I am already in my thirties and got atleast 3 years more to finish off paying for my plan. I plan on reviewing my insurance if it's enough to cover the expenses when I retire. Not sure how to start your retirement plan? I found this retirement calculator from It will help you estimate the required saving for your retirement. It will also show the anticipated annual inflation rate and required savings inflation.

Retirement Calculator -

This tool is easy to use, just indicate your current age and the age you plan to retire, click on 'calculate', and you'll get the information you need. This calculator will help you figure out quickly how much money you need to save up during a set investment period. Other calculators are also on this site which is very useful if you really want to set a certain amount on your saving journey.

Reduce Debts

I am slowly paying off my debts by tracking and updating them monthly to prevent any penalties that will add up to the debt. Anything extra from our budget will be forwarded here.

Get a Side Hustle

I am now a certified freelancer so I got more time to do some online work. But right now, I prefer on focusing on my blog and socials to get more side hustles.

In this article, I only shared a handful of my personal financial goal to make this 2023. It is still depending on the person on how they will take their own financial journey. So how are you going to save this year?

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