Enjoy a deep slumber with Uratex Foam Senso Memory Frost that keeps you cool all night

For someone like me who works in a graveyard shift, it's important that I still have enough sleep. So it is important that I have the best sleep experience through high-quality bed foam like Uratex Philippines.

I've been using Uratex foam for as long as I can remember. And good news for all Uratex users as they continuously provide ng comfortable and affordable mattresses.

Uratex Foam Senso Memory Frost

For 54 years, Filipino brand Uratex has stayed true to its mission of providing the best sleep experience through high quality mattresses, foams, pillows, and other sleeping solutions.

As the company continuously flourished, Uratex ensured to deliver a commitment to reaching a goal, “We will not stop until we give every Filipino a comfortable and affordable mattress to lie on,” said Uratex Founder Robert G. Cheng.

The tropical Philippines is now enjoying the cool amihan season, and Uratex hopes to extend this perfect sleepy weather with the grand launch of the Senso Memory Frost Collection at the Matrix Creative Events in Quezon City last November 25.

Dubbed as Deep Slumber in a Dreamland of Ice, the visually compelling and immersive ice party featured a unique showroom experience where guests saw and felt firsthand the magic of Uratex’s latest innovation.

There was also an Aromatherapy Bed Linen Spray Workshop where attendees created and customized their own room and linen spray to get the best sleeping experience with a fresh pillow and mattress.

Uratex Foam Senso Memory Frost

Have a Better Sleep, Better U

Consumers will feel cooler and have zero night sweats as the Senso Memory Frost is up to 5 degrees cooler than Uratex’s previous Memory Foam Mattress.

The collection is infused with DuoFrost Technology. It consists of Senso Memory foam coated with cooling technology which also adapts to the body’s contour and a cool-to-touch fabric for an instant cooling sensation.

Uratex Foam Senso Memory Frost

Key Features

The Senso Memory Frost collection includes a Mattress, Mattress Topper and Pillow.

Each product highlights the DuoFrost Technology.  It’s up to 5 degrees cooler than ordinary memory foam and prevents heat build-up for sustained coolness and thermal comfort.

The products are covered with Cool-to-Touch Fabric, a premium knit fabric for an instant cooling sensation.

It also consists of a Senso Memory Foam - coated with cooling technology, which also adapts to the body’s contour providing superior comfort and relieving pressure points.

The products are also sanitized to effectively prevent bacteria, odor, mildew, and dust mites, keeping the mattress clean and hypoallergenic.

Uratex stands out in terms of durability, and proving it is Senso Memory Frost Mattress’ Vital Foam, a durable foam that provides outstanding support to withstand a heavier load.

Both Senso Memory Frost Mattress and Topper are Quality-Guaranteed and offer 10 years of warranty.

Christmas Deals

As a Christmas gift to Filipinos, Uratex is offering discounts from November 25 to December 31, 2022, where buyers can get less 30% on Uratex Senso Memory Frost Mattress, less 15% on Senso Frost Mattress Topper, and less 20% on Senso Frost Traditional Pillow.

You can also get 1 Senso Frost Pillow with every purchase of Senso Frost Mattress from December 1 to 31.





Senso Frost Mattress Topper 2 x 36 x 75"




Uratex Senso Memory® Frost Mattress 10x36x75"




Senso Frost Traditional Pillow 16 x 26"




For more information, follow @UratexPhilippines on Facebook or visit Uratex’s official website and official stores in Shopee and Lazada.

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