Huggies Best Deals on Shopee Mom's Club!

 Huggies Best Deals on Shopee Mom's Club!

We are always on a lookout for best deals, right mommies? Don't miss out on exclusive deals when you join Shopee Mom's Club! You haven't join yet? Now is the time to join! The Shopee Mom’s Club is a community that provides the best deals for the best moms, parents, and soon-to-be mommies. With Shopee Mom’s Club, members can get the best prices on all essentials for their babies, kids, and even themselves.

Today March 28, avail of exclusive discounts up to 15% off on Huggies products! For baby's extra likot and kulit, Huggies is designed to keep your baby comfortable and protected at all stages.

Lookout for the following products:

Huggies Dry Pants Superheroes Edition XXL - 36 pcs x 3 Packs

Your favorite Superheroes -  Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman are here to save the day! The Huggies Dry Pants Limited Edition Justice League design keeps your baby completely comfortable with its X-channel technology. 

Growing babies need diapers that can keep up with their activity while keeping them dry and comfortable
  • With Dry Xpert technology that distributes wiwi 4 ways for fast absorption
  • Has Flexi-Movement points that conform to baby’s twists and turns
  • Clinically proven to help prevent diaper rashes
  • Provides up to 10-hour absorbency to keep baby dry

Please note that the packaging has breathable holes

  • The only swim diaper with easy open sides
  • Unique absorbent material won’t swell in water
  • Special leak guards help protect against accidents
  • Stretchy sides for a comfortable fit

Huggies Natural Soft Diapers Small 44 pcs x 2 packs 88 pcs

The UPGRADED Huggies® Ultra! Huggies® Natural Soft Diapers are specially designed to keep your newborn dry and comfy! It also has All-Around Cottony Softness to provide premium comfort for your little one.

  • Runny Poo Leakguard - Huggies® exclusive! Specially designed back pocket to prevent leakage from baby's runny poo, especially when baby is lying on his/her back.
  • Poo Absorb Liner - Specially designed for runny poo. This unique soft liner quickly pulls and locks away runny poo and wetness, minimizing contact with your baby’s delicate skin.
  • Quick Leak-Lock System - With water-absorbing beads and long distribution layer that quickly absorb and lock fluid in.
  • All-Around Cottony Softness - All new cottony soft inner liner and airy feeling outer cover, delicate on every inch of baby's skin
  • 100% Breathable Cover - With breathable holes that promote air circulation, which helps to keep baby's skin dry and fresh.
  • Stretchy Back Waistband - Full back stretch tailored to fit baby's body, giving a snug and comfortable fit.

Here to help you provide love and support for your baby, Huggies are what parents want and what babies need! The best deals available only on Shopee Mom's Club! Sign up here!

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