Celebrate Women's Month with Carefree

Celebrate women's month with carefree

It's Women's Month! Let's celebrate the strength and courage of all the women out there! Women are known to be strong and independent in all aspect. But the biggest challenge we women encounter are our monthly period!

Dealing with EW (everyday wetness) becomes tough but thanks to Carefree, women can feel confident even on their monthly thing! 

Let's celebrate Women's Month with CAREFREE® and continue to empower women to prioritize their feminine health! Today March 9, shoppers can look to exciting deals such as new exclusive launches, up to 50% off and deals as low as P21 only on Shopee's Brand Spotlight!

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Carefree Breathable Panty Liners 15s

Wear CAREFREE Breathable liners on all days between your period to maintain that fresh feel. These also protect your favorite panties from sweat and light discharge. 

Carefree Super Dry 15s

Wear Carefree Super Dry Panty Liners to keep you feeling fresh and dry from moderate discharge, spotting or as a tampon back up.  

We shouldn’t let our experience of wetness and odor down there hassle us daily. That’s why CAREFREE® is here to help you #DealWithThatEW (as in Everyday Wetness) and feel drier for longer!

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