Leiebil Stavanger - Tips for Planning a Road Trip to Stavanger Area

Leiebil Stavanger - Tips for Planning a Road Trip to Stavanger Area

Stavanger Region is just one of the destinations in Norway to visit. There are many iconic sites out of the main tourist areas that you can reach only by car or foot. Self-driving allows you to explore this region and the same name city as you want, without adhering to standard tours and schedules.

Whether you visit the Stavanger region for business or pleasure, you can count on several rental companies. In general, Norwegians are known for their friendly attitude and high levels of professionalism, so you can expect a high level of service in any car hire agency. Check these tips for finding the best rental deal.

Rental Car Tips

Before renting a car in Stavanger, it's crucial to understand some basic rules and regulations. By doing some research, you will know exactly how to rent a vehicle and what to visit in this fascinating region. SUVs and sedans are the best solutions for road trips. Still, if you don't have much luggage and travel alone or with another person, a smaller vehicle will do, too.

Third-party liability insurance is also mandatory and is usually included in a rental price. Any extra policy will cost you a few dollars more than the minimum coverage you have in your country. It's best to get an international driving license. Drivers must be over 21. The age of 25 is a rental limit in most companies, and they have surcharges for drivers between 21 and 25.

In the Stavanger region, you have many things to see. Before you go, plan your trip carefully. Always check the forecast as weather can change in a matter of minutes, and snow layers can disturb your travel. Always fill up a tank and bring some food if you are in trouble and must wait for help.

Day Trip for Adventurers

Stavanger Region hosts a large number of natural lookouts. These are cliffs and peaks of the surrounding mountains. If you are attracted to the idea of having a beautiful view of the city, sea, and surrounding fjords, head to Preikestolen. You can reach it by bus or car, but if you love hiking, you will enjoy walking to the lookout at the height of about 600 meters. Bring the necessary equipment for a two-hour hike.

If you are more into a relaxed walk at an easy terrain, opt for Dalsnuten. If you get there by car, you can leave them in one of the many car parks. From there, take a walk along some of the many graveled paths, with or without guides. The trails are well marked and always have visitors, so you can't get lost.

Tour Local Monuments

Stavanger is a small town that can be easily walked over. But if you don't want to waste time, you can easily reach every city monument by car. Being a university city, it abounds in numerous cultural sights and museums displaying art, aviation, and archeology expositions. There are even museums dedicated to petroleum and fishing. Don't miss Stavanger Cathedral, a lovely church near the city lake.

Enjoy Nature Sights

Leiebil Stavanger - Tips for Planning a Road Trip to Stavanger Area

Fjords must be in your itinerary when planning a road trip along the Stavanger region. You must see a Lysefjord fjord, about 25 kilometers east of Stavanger. Cliffs surrounding this natural masterpiece are more than a kilometer in height, creating a breathtaking landscape of this place.

In the vicinity of Stavanger, there are many beautiful beaches reminiscent of tropical ones. But they're not for swimming during most of the year. But they are great for picnics by the water. Moreover, you can take a boat tour and observe the surroundings from the water.

And if you're an avid fisherman, you can cast a hook in crystal clear waters in the Stavanger region. So find reputable companies at leiebilguiden.no/norge/stavanger/, rent an SUV or sedan, pack your fishing gear, and head to one of the many spots suitable for this water activity.

The picturesque region of Stavanger may not be on your travel list. But if you ever come to Norway, you should visit this unique area and enjoy its many sights. Self-driving through this amazing place will be one of the adventures you'll remember forever.

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