SIMILAC: Level-up Your Child's Learning

new Similac GainSchool

How do we make our kids be a fast learner everyday and helps reduce common illnesses? Aside from proper nutrition and diet, providing them with a glass of Similac GainSchool milk will help our kids learn faster and boost their immune system.

It now comes with HMO, that helps build a healthy immune system and the clinically proven EyeQ Plus with 10 key brain nutrients for faster learning.

How Does HMO Works?

  • HMOs serve as a food for good bacteria in the gut.
  • HMOs act as decoys that prevent bad bacteria from attaching to gut cells.
  • HMOs are also absorbed into the bloodstream.

10 Key Brain Nutrients + EyeQ Plus

It has the powerful combination of Natural Vitamin E, DHA and Lutein that helps meet your child’s nutritional needs to enable faster brain connections, so she can learn faster.

Other nutrients:

  • Choline for memory
  • Taurine for vision and cognition
  • Iron for brain development and cognition
  • Zinc for cognitive stability, motor development and memory formation
  • ARA for signaling in the nervous system
  • Iodine for brain development
  • Selenium for proper functioning of brain, motor development and memory formation

new Similac GainSchool

Complete your kids balanced meals and encourage them to learn even faster by giving them the new Similac GainSchool.

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