Fun and Free Online Games for Kids

Fun and Free Online Games for Kids

Aside from facing our daily struggles such as working from home, doing our everyday chores, homeschooling the kids, one of the things to think about is making the most of our time while with the kids at home. I bet all the parents now are finding all the resources they can get on how to get their kids entertained while still on quarantine. 

These days we have the endless technology at the tips of our hands. Our kids are no exception when it comes to technology. I know there are times when we can't help but let the kids watch YouTube especially if I am on my shift at work and meeting on deadlines. I just make sure that I restrict the channels on what programs are appropriate to watch.

I just felt they are really missing out a lot of fun because we can't go outside and play. Well, there are a lot of options online where your kids can play for free. Besides online games study shows many good benefits with proper supervision. I am the kind of parent who actually enjoys the arcade games more. But we don't really much have of a choice of getting out with the kids to play in the arcade. Good thing I found this newest fun and free online games at PLAYS.ORG.

Fun and Free Online Games for Kids - Plays.Orgs

Plays.Org is a site that is offering free and fun online games which can quickly be played from the browser. I love the feeling of classic games and I would like to introduce it to my kids. Plays.Orgs have arcade classic games that you can choose from. I first tried this ever famous Super Tetris game. Instructions are very easy to follow and all you have to do is have fun and play!

It's been ages since I played Tetris so I lose on the first round! Lol! :) - super tetris

Next I played Pac Rat which looks like Pacman. My kids knew this game so I let them play it. This is a modern and playful remake inspired by the hit arcade classic Pac Man. Avoid the cats unless you just had a power pellet, in which case treat them like cheese.

Play Pac Rat Online

My kids are crazy about Among Us so I tried looking for it at Plays.Org and they have it! See how many games they have? Newest games are added here: games

This Play Among Rescue Online is perfect for my twinboys! This is a 30-level pin pull puzzle game themed after the widely popular Among Us imposter game series. The Among Us character should collect the treasures while avoiding the falling lava and the imposter. It also requires a little bit of logical thinking on what pin to pull first. The red one is the lava and the blue one when falls into the red one becomes stones.

Play Among Rescue Online - Plays.Org

Aside from Among Us, my kids are also into zombies. So we tried the Play Zombie Typing Practice Game Online. This is a typing practice game for kids where they can work on their typing speed by shooting incoming zombies with words at their feet. They can also practice reading the words and spelling it while typing, win-win!

Play Zombie Typing Practice Game Online - Plays.Org

We and the kids definitely enjoyed the games we tried at Plays.Org. And here are the things that we like more about it:

  • No signups needed
  • No applications to download
  • You can play everywhere (desktop, tablet or mobile)
  • No advertisements (yay no distractions!)
  • Easy to play and has kid-friendly games
  • The graphics are colorful (suited for kids and kids at heart)
  • Many categories to choose from:
    Arcade Classics
    - Retro Pixels
    - PinBall
    - Base Defense
    - Simulation Games
  • Perfect for parents too who need a break! :)

This pandemic brings struggles especially to us parents. We don't have an easy solution on how we get to entertain the kids everyday but with every chance we get to spend with them makes it valuable which they will treasure the most. So play and have FUN with our kids because time is the best FREE thing that we can give them.

Have you tried the games from Plays.Org? Which are your favorite?

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