6 Reasons to add a gas fire to your home

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If youve bought a new build with just radiators, or have moved into a property that has removed the old fireplaces, you might be considering installing a fire. Gas fires are the most popular type for the modern home, and installation can be quick, easy and affordable. There are a huge number of reasons a gas fire would make a great addition to your home. This list will definitely persuade you if you were having second thoughts!

Here are six reasons you should add a gas fireplace to your humble abode.

Theyre easier to enjoy than wood burners

Theres a lot of prep required with wood burning fires. Its not a case of sitting down after a long day and putting your feet up to enjoy the warmth. Theres firewood to refill, and plenty of smoke when it starts burning. With a gas fire, youll be enjoying the cosy ambiance within seconds.

They cut down heating costs

By turning off the central heating, and turning up the fire, you can easily create a warm and toasty space without wasting money heating the whole home in one go. For that in-betweeny weather thats not cold enough to turning the heating on, a gas fire can take the edge off for a fraction of the cost.

Fireplaces add resale value to your home

Fireplaces are a hugely desirable house feature, which can seriously benefit you in the future if you decide to sell your property. Reports suggest a fire can add up to 12% extra to your asking price. And a few extra thousand added to your budget for a new home is no laughing matter.

Gas fires create a relaxing environment

Everyone loves home comforts. And since the beginning of time, humans have been drawn to fire and its soothing effect. Installing a fire could transform your house into a home. A roaring fire is incredibly relaxing on a winter’s evening or after a long and stressful day.

Its not as expensive as you think but also low maintenance

Fire specialists like stonewoods.co.uk make buying and installing a fireplace something to suit any budget, so creating a warm and homely feel wont set you back as much as you first think! As we touched on above, gas fires are also extremely low maintenance. Theres no need to buy additional firewood, there are fewer maintenance issues and they dont require chimney sweeps.

It will totally transform the space

There are so many clever ways to design a home layout with the use of a gas fire. Gas fires are available in a huge range of styles and designs – from wall embedded options to free standing features. Fireplaces can easily be added to the corner of the room, centre stage or even within a see-through wall feature. Fireplaces emit a homely feel even when theyre not lit. This is particularly the case for gas fires as they often have additional lighting or a glow that can be switched on when the fire isnt on.

So, what are you waiting for?

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