Spring Garden Renovation Ideas

Planting Vegetables

Spring is now here which means it’s time to think about clearing out your home and getting it ready for the upcoming summer season. Cleaning and de-cluttering inside is commonly undertaken in spring, but now is the perfect time to get the garden in order. After all, you’ll likely be spending more time in your garden come summer, so why not get things prepared now so when the time comes, you can sit back and relax rather than do the hard work in the increased heat?

Here some easy spring garden renovation ideas that will give your outdoor a much-needed facelift after winter and see you through the hot months to come.

Paint the Perimeter

Winter often brings with it harsh and extreme weather, and that can be bad news for your garden perimeter. If your fence is looking a bit worse for wear and has been chipped as a result of the bad weather, a good spring renovation to undertake is to re-paint it. You could even try a bright pastel color to match the bright colors of spring flowers and the increased amount of daylight hours!

If your front garden is looking similar, paint that too and repair any broken panels. If you don’t have a fence and live in an apartment with a terrace, you can still prepare it for spring/summer by painting the railings.

Plant Flowers

Winter is notorious for decimating plant life and very few flowers are able to survive it, but spring is the exact opposite which is why it’s often linked to fresh starts and new life. Whether you only have a window box or a vast garden that goes farther than the eye can see, spring is the perfect planting season. Get some bright flowers and line your garden with them to welcome back the natural wildlife to your outdoor space. Alternatively, spring is the perfect time for planting vegetables like broccoli, tomatoes, carrots, peppers and beans. Plant them now and enjoy a feast in the months to come!

Whilst you’re planting your flowers and vegetables, consider the state of your lawn, too. If your grass is looking dead and patchy, spread some lawn seed and water it to try and revive it. Alternatively, if you have artificial grass, make sure it’s swept and looking neat and tidy.


Are you a stickler for novelty garden ornaments? There’s nothing wrong with the odd gnome here and there, but it is possible to go overboard. If your garden is an eclectic jumble of clashing colors, weird finds and inanimate objects everywhere, it’s time for a de-clutter. Extend that spring clean outside! In the same manner, if your outdoor space has become a bit of a dumping ground for things that don’t fit in the house and odd bits that don’t really have a home, either buy a shed or consider whether you really need those items. Not only will a de-clutter give you more space, but it will improve the overall look of your garden, too.

Garden String Lights

Prepare for Summer

Spring is the time to bring out the summer furniture ready to enjoy the long days and warm weather, so dust off your rattan furniture, reupholster if necessary and get it into position. Clean your decking or paving slabs and wipe away the grime of the winter, and pick up any debris that might’ve made its way into your garden. Additionally, you might want to bring out the string lights and lanterns, and the fire pit if you have one. This will save you the effort of doing it during summer and will ensure that as soon as the warm weather arrives, you’re ready and able to enjoy it immediately alongside your bustling plant life and freshly painted fence!

Will you be trying any of these tips to get your garden in tip top shape for spring/summer? 

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