My Wonderful Journey in Blogging

My Wonderful Journey in Blogging

I never really sat down and write when, where, and why I started blogging. So yeah, I finally have the time to share with all of you my wonderful journey in blogging. It was 7 years ago when I was a bit bored with my work at the office. I was working as a Website Support Specialist for UK websites. I handled websites for 8 hrs. in 7 days a week. Don't get me wrong, I loved my job back then but I just wanted a break. I wanted an outlet and that's when it all started.

I do these all kinds of DIY like crochet as a hobby. I made crochet items for my twinboys. Then one of my friends suggested to start a blog about it. The first thought was, why not? I handled websites anyway. I created my first post on blogspot. It was all DIY tutorials back then. Anything that I thought I can possibly write, I put it all in a blog. Even though I am not really a good writer and a photographer, I worked on writing my own articles and took shots of my own pictures. 

After 3 months of having the blog, I got invited to this certain blog event. I was overwhelmed because I never really thought that I could actually join such events. In the event, I met different kinds of bloggers, brands, PR's, and companies. I was able to interact with people who have different blog niches. I can't imagine that this tiny online space that I have will open me to a lot of opportunities.

From there, I started to branch out and not limit myself to just writing tutorials. I wrote product and food reviews. I found my niche as a mommy and lifestyle blog. I even leveled up my blog's theme and bought my own domain. I also joined several social media groups and got to know a lot of contacts from different brands by just sharing the articles from my blog. The blessings poured so much that I enjoyed writing and going to events.

It never occurred to me that blogging will provide me so much. Several years later, I finally got an approval to get paid on the blog. I started to earn money aside from the ex-deals that I am getting from brands and companies. International brands are also making a deal to provide posts. In addition, I am getting quite as much followers on my social media accounts which gave me the voice to influence others. 

This blog will turn 7 years old on June 17, 2021. As I looked back, this blog served me really well. It made me creative, passionate and hardworking. It also helped me to be a good writer, photographer and a better version of myself.

Should you want to be a blogger or influencer? Being a blogger is not a walk in the park. I know I described a lot of positive things above but it requires a lot of work. Remember, love what you do and it will not feel like a work at all. Only start a blog if you really love it. Don't look at it because you'll gain money and fame. 

This blog started to be an escape and outlet. But it became one of the most wonderful journeys that I've had. I also want to take this opportunity to thank all the people, brands, and companies who continues to support me. I will not make it this far without you guys. So thank you!

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