Mystic PopUp Bar Review

Mystic PopUp Bar Review

The first Kdrama I've finished this 2021! 😅

Mystic PopUp Bar is about Weol-ju who needs to settle 100,000 human grudges as a penalty for the sins she did during her mortal life. She is the owner of Mystic PopUp Bar and people will go to her bar to drink so that's where she settles their desires by going thru their dream. 

Mystic PopUp Bar Review

First episode pa lang, it already reminds me of Hotel Del Luna. It has ghosts, death, and spiritual creatures. But this one doesn't focus on the love story alone. Wala ding love triangle dito. 

May mga episodes na nakakaiyak pero hindi sya dragging and may mga light comedy scenes din. Walang masyadong nakakaloka ng twist at connected naman ng maayos ang mga characters. 

There are crazy concepts too in the dream and spiritual world like the firefighters who died saving lives and will be reincarnated into the famous BTS guys. 😅

I just felt lang na binilisan yung ending nya with only 12 episodes. Buti na nga lang happy ending sya so happy na din ako.

Mystic PopUp Bar Review

Overall I enjoyed watching this Kdrama. I recommend that you include this on your next Kdrama binge watch. 

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