Tips to be Successful in Blogging and Influencer Marketing Industry

Most bloggers, nowadays are not just bloggers but influencers, as well. They don’t only have their blogsites to raise awareness for certain topics and causes or be the avenue to voice out their opinion but they also have their own social media to amplify their influence.

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Since the influencer marketing industry became a trend and a popular way to reach a wider audience on a certain niche, these bloggers were the first people that brands tapped and trusted for their marketing effort and strategies, for their organic content.

Influencer marketing is indeed one of the best industries in the world today, especially now that people are more attached to their gadgets and they prefer going online for information.

From finding a niche to building a community, here is a few tips on how to be successful in the world of blogging and social media marketing.

Write what you love

What is your passion? Your writing should always show what you are passionate about. Post what you love, find a topic you are comfortable at writing and discussing with the netizens.

Demonstrate value

As the saying goes - quality over quantity - is true for every content, whether on blogs or on social media. Give people what they are interested in and offer real value to their web browsing experience. Always remember, content is king.

Consider integration

If you are a blogger, this is something very important. It's worth getting your blog integrated with your existing website to build content and rank in the search engines. Always remember that SEO (search engine optimisation) is all about content. You need not hire a web developer if you are on a budget, a self-hosted domain will do and it only costs a few dollars but you can have a better chance at earning thru your blogs.

Market your content

You don’t just launch a blog and hope that people will come without any marketing effort. You don’t just post quality content on social media and just sit down, relax and wait. You have to actively market what you post by chatting with other bloggers and influencers, by leaving valuable comments on other people's posts. This way, your readers will visit your page more often.

Encourage interaction

Get people talking on your posts. Ask them to add their comments on various articles and social media posts. Encourage your readers to share your content to a wider audience, ask them for feedback, respond, build a community and make sure you're friendly and welcoming when you interact online.

Don't worry about negativity

Bashers and haters are all over social media. Occasionally you may get the odd negative comment from them. Don't let them scare you away. You can delete the comment if you’re not happy with it or you can try to be civil and respond positively.

Keep it regular

Your blog and your social media pages are an online journal. Keep your blog updated with at least two articles a week, and post once or twice a day on social media. Try and keep things going with the use of scheduling tools on your blog posts and social media posts, so you can post articles automatically even if you're away from your desk.

Get personal

As a social media influencer , you need to reveal more about who you are in your posts. Your audience will love you for it, because people want to follow people, not brands. By getting more personal on your posts, you’re encouraging people to connect. They will find your posts relevant to their lifestyle and when you were able to tap into their emotions, they will return to your pages and be your regular and loyal viewers.

Spell checking and proof-reading

Before you publish your content, it's crucial to check your spelling and proofread again and again, till you find no more improvement or revision is needed. Bad spelling ruin your credibility and it damages your SEO as the search engines won't appreciate poor copy. Make sure everything is correct and you are giving accurate info before you go live.

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