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There are other easy and effective supplements to improve health. In several cases, it is beneficial to always follow a healthy diet which includes dietary supplements. Some supplements add all essential nutrients to the body. Depending on the age and gender of the user, the overall health is maintained well with the daily nutritional needs of the body met. Sustagen is an assortment of premium dietary enhancements for grown-ups who need a nutritional boost. It can be mixed with your regular diet plan which works on improving health and fitness. It helps provide 100% nourishment with 3 balanced meals a day and formulated with essential nutrients from the Food Pyramid.

Rich in chocolate taste, Sustagen Premium chocolate-flavored has a combination of essential nutrients like inulin fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It can help the body, mind and brain. For the body, it contains B-Complex Vitamins, Iron and Iodine which help fight lethargy and support physical activity. It can give that instant energy boost that is useful before workouts. And they keep your stomach feeling full preventing hunger pangs. For the mind, it contains Vit C&E (anti-oxidants) that help prevent damage from free radicals (waste products the body makes when cells use fuel to create energy). The brain is especially vulnerable because it uses a lot of fuel. (Brain is 3% of bodyweight but uses up to 17%  of the energy). Contains magnesium that can help dilate the blood vessels boosting blood flow all throughout the body and brain. For the heart, it contains dietary fiber that helps reduce LDL/bad cholesterol. The presence of dietary fiber can have significant improvement indigestion.

Sustagen Premium Chocolate Adult Nutritional Beverage

Sustagen Premium Chocolate Adult Nutritional Beverage 5.4kg [900g x 6s]

Sustagen Premium Chocolate Adult Nutritional Beverage

Sustagen Premium on Vanilla flavor is a powdered milk that is easy to mix. Focusing on overall health and strengthening the immune system are the biggest benefits that the brand’s formulae offer. without compromising on the quality, it considers the changes in the body that occurs with increasing age and other changes in lifestyle and accommodates them.

Sustagen Premium Adult Nutritional Beverage Vanilla flavor

Sustagen Premium Adult Nutritional Beverage 5.4kg [900g x 6s]

There are interesting mix of ingredients each delivering with the products that this brand makes. Aside from it can suit your taste, it also prevents illnesses which is one of their advantages. To start with your health journey, be susta-strong with Sustagen Bundles available on Shopee! You'll save as much as P2,000 with 25% discounts.

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