4 Unique Self-care Ideas

Feeling down? By now you know you should spend time outdoors, reach out to friends, and listen to upbeat music. Here are four unique ideas to boost your self-esteem and break you out of the occasional funk.

self-care isn't selfish

Get a Makeover

Looking good can help you feel good, and a new look can inspire you to act differently. Indulge in a beauty makeover Princeton NJ. Ask for an updated daily look that you can recreate at home, or try a dramatic new style that you may never wear again. Sporting a new look can be refreshing: You may feel like a new person the moment you leave the salon.

Do Something Daring

You do not need to visit a war zone or free climb El Capitan, but get your adrenaline pumping by going way out of your comfort zone. If you are normally modest, visit a nude beach. If you cannot draw a straight line, set up an easel on a street corner, and start painting a local architectural icon; let passersby comment if they want. Doing something daring can help you feel more confident and alive. Whether you complete your challenge or not, making the attempt gives you a new reason to be proud of yourself.

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Enroll in a Class

Learning is good for your health. Learning new things causes changes to your brain chemistry that can help prevent age-related cognitive decline. More immediate benefits of enrolling in a class include social connection, increased physical activity, and greater willingness to try new things. What subject you learn does not matter, though if you end up truly engaged in your new field of study, one class may lead to pursuing a degree or a new career.

Create Something

There is something optimistic about the act of creation. Whether you compose an original song, carve a statue, or knit a scarf, creative behaviors have inherent health benefits. The cognitive rewards are similar to those of learning, but creative people also enjoy enhanced immune systems and increased overall happiness.

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