3 Emergency Service Numbers To Have in Your Phone

No matter how prepared you are for emergency situations, a disaster can strike when you least expect it. From small problems to major calamities, the world is filled with unexpected issues that throw many people into a panic. This alarm is often the result of a situation that saturates their body with hormones for a fight or flight response that results in illogical thinking. You can be prepared for such situations by stowing emergency numbers in your phone for quick retrieval. Here are a few to include.

black smartphone displaying 911

1. Water

Water leaks, overflowing toilets, and storm problems result in millions of dollars in damage to homes and businesses each year. When water is ignored, it can allow mold to grow and endanger the health of everyone coming near. Keep your water company phone number and a water remediation business contact information accessible for easy retrieval.

2. Windows

Hail storms, harsh winds, and blowing debris can all crack panes of glass in your home. So can frisky children as they throw objects while at play. When a window breaks, outdoor weather can quickly enter your home. Instead of hunting for a trusted 24 hr emergency window service, keep the phone number in your contacts.

3. Doctor

You do not want to search for a phone number or a doctor’s name you do not remember when you or your family member suddenly becomes ill or injured. You also do not want to call 911 or go to the emergency room when you cannot quickly locate the doctor’ information. Having the telephone number available will allow you to contact the answering service or office no matter when the problem arises.

You can easily prepare for any emergency. Choose to print the numbers onto paper and secure them to your fridge or input the contact information into your phone. Ease of retrieval of the number is the goal when an emergency occurs.

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