Unique Men's Clothing

Men clothing

Women typically have more options for clothing and styles than men because Men are often pretty basic in their dress. However, the men's clothing that does exist can be versatile, of high quality, and fashionable. Here are a few unique categories of men's clothing you kind find.

Protection and Survival

There's been a surge of "preppers" in the last decade. Preppers are people who are ready for a catastrophic event and any moment. They are prepared for any weather, have food supplies, and know how to provide for their family under any circumstances. Clothing that fits into the prepper lifestyle includes jackets made of kevlar, a concealment vest, and leather belts that can double as a knife sharpener.

Hand Crafted

Clothing is personal; it touches in the most intimate places and expresses who we are. If you're unsatisfied with fast fashion and want clothing that is made with intention, you can buy clothing that is made by hand. The men's clothing from Novica is made from natural fibers such as alpaca wool. You can also invest in a few good pairs of boots that you can re-sole throughout your life. Talented artisans use some of the finest materials to craft the shoes at Taft.

Sport and Travel

There are some great lines of clothing and jewelry designed for the active man. Groove Life has a wide variety of sport bands, so you don't have to destroy your gold wedding band when you're lifting weights or running a chain saw. Exofficio makes clothes that protect you from bugs, ultraviolet rays, and water. They are lightweight, wrinkle-resistant, and fast-drying, which is perfect for sport or travel.

The world of men's fashion is extensive, from classically hand-crafted leather boots to technologically infused fabrics. Have a few items from each of these categories for a well-rounded wardrobe.

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