UNIQLO LifeWear 2020 Spring/Summer Collection

UNIQLO LifeWear 2020 Spring/Summer Collection

Quality. Evolution. Lifestyle. Uniqlo continues to innovate with every single collection that the brand introduces from season to season as we people continue to evolve as individuals.

For this season, UNIQLO has shone new light on LifeWear with Outdoors, Work & Craft, and Art & Design categories that embody its enduring commitment to keeping people comfortable and making life better.

  • Outdoors - Bringing urban and natural landscapes together through design

UNIQLO’s designs for 2020 Spring/Summer celebrate the convenience and functionality of cityscapes and natural environs to materialize better living.

  • Work & Craft - Back to basics

UNIQLO work and craft collection

For the Work & Craft category, the focused is on organic materials, functionality, and attention to detail. Their Jogger Cargo Pants look great at the office, and with their relaxed styling, you can go straight to your farm after work without needing to change.

  • Art & Design - Inspiring creativity with functional beauty

In this category, people can always look their best and enjoy better, more comfortable living in new ideas in minimalism, long and lean silhouettes, and a mineral color-inspired palette.

UNIQLO JW Anderson collection

JW Anderson

The original collaboration line, launched in 2017 Fall/Winter, was developed on the theme of "British Heritage meets LifeWear -- British classics, Designed for life today". The product offering combines the innovative designs that JW Anderson brings to Britain's traditional apparel with UNIQLO's commitment to fit, materials, and functionality.

Hana Tajima for Uniqlo

Hana Tajima for Uniqlo

This is a collection that expresses the world's rich cultural diversity with graceful forms and exceptional comfort. The partnership between New York-based fashion designer and UNIQLO enters its 6th year in 2020. Drawing inspiration from nature, these universal designs with a unique discriminating sense incorporated in fine details and focused on comfort, warmly support the everyday lifestyles of all women.

UNIQLO LifeWear 2020 Spring/Summer Collection

UNIQLO also announces major evolution for AIRism Innerwear for 2020. New Products include AIRism Micromesh, AIRism Cotton and AIRism Cotton Blend. AIRism continues to evolve as innerwear that provides all-season comfort, enhancing the everyday lives of wearers.


Men - Two new items offer greater comfort
  • AIRism Micromesh - Exceptional breathability
  • AIRism Cotton - Single layer that can be worn as a T-shirt
  • AIRism UV Cut series updated for greater comfort
  • AIRism Cotton Blend expands the lineup further

UNIQLO's Innerwear enhanced comfort and fit for the spring/summer 2020. UNIQLO’s innerwear looks and feels great because it is designed in recognition that women’s body dimensions subtly change according to physical condition, which means that the fit of items may fluctuate from day to day. UNIQLO thus offers an array of functional innerwear that eliminates discomfort while enhancing feminine figures.

UNIQLO LifeWear 2020 Spring/Summer Collection

UNIQLO LifeWear is a timeless design for all, expressed in high-quality, functional, durable durable clothing that outlasts transitory fashion trends.

UNIQLO Sustainability

UNIQLO is committed to reducing its environmental impact to achieve sustainable  business, while offering innovative products customers can use with confidence. By the end of 2020, UNIQLO’s goal is to be able to reduce single-use plastic by 85%.

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