3 Ways to Help Keep Your Child's Mind Active

During breaks from school, it can be difficult to keep your child's mind active. Many parents resort to giving their child a phone or playing a movie so their child will stay occupied and quiet. However, there are other ways to keep your child busy while also allowing them to play and exercise their mind.

hand playing with toys

Building Toys

A simple way to help keep your child's mind active is by letting them play with building toys. These are toys that allow your child to use their imagination to change the shape and structure and create whatever they want. These types of toys can also be called learning toys because they are teaching how to think critically about both the objects your child is manipulating and how these objects will fit in their environment.

Playing Outside

A simple way to keep your child busy and active is to let them play outside. Being outside helps your child develop their senses and problem-solving skills. For example, if your child is running and sees a root sticking out of the ground, your child needs to critically think about how he or she can avoid the root. This kind of on the spot critical thinking is gained mainly through trial and error. 

Learn a New Language

If your child will only stay quiet when watching a show or movie, it is beneficial to put on something educational. That said, it would be even more prudent to put on a show that would teach your child a new language. Due to the way their brains are growing and changing, it is much easier for a child to learn a new language than an adult. Therefore, if you can play your child's favorite show in a different language and use English subtitles, your child will be learning new words and working on their reading skills concurrently.

If you have a very active child, it may be beneficial to try several of these methods. It can be difficult to keep a child's mind busy, but with these tips, it should be a breeze.

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