Tips for a Great Office Waiting Room

Spending time in a waiting room is an inevitable part of life. Everyone has to do it a few times a year. Sometimes, long waiting times can't be avoided due to emergencies or overloaded schedules. If you're the business owner, you want to make this time as painless as possible for your clients. Here are several tips to make for a more pleasant waiting room.

coffee station

Make a Coffee Station

Creating an area for customers or patients to serve themselves coffee, always softens the sting of having to wait for an appointment. Investing in a pod coffee machine and supplying a variety of flavors will make people feel welcome. Bottled water or a water cooler should be accessible as well. Designate someone to keep the area clean and well-stocked.

Create a Children's Area

Nothing makes waiting more stressful for a parent than an antsy child. By creating a children's area, you can keep young minds active with blocks, kid's books and a place for parents to keep them distracted. These areas also make it memorable so kids look forward to their future appointments.

Install an Aquarium

Many offices opt to install an aquarium. Both adults and children are fascinated by watching fish. The maintenance on a freshwater aquarium is minimal because everything is done for you. Aquariums are a great distraction if you get nervous patients, for example in a dental office. Watching fish swim can ease anxiety and have a calming effect.

Revise Your Seating Area

When was the last time you checked out your waiting room's seating formation? Take a look and make sure there's ample room so people aren't crowded and uncomfortable. Avoid awkward plans where people are directly face-to-face with nowhere to look. Arrange chairs so everyone has their own personal space and can easily move around.

Make Return Visits Desirable

Everyone hopes that waiting room time doesn't last long, but you can certainly make the best of it with a few easy changes. This also works to make return visits desirable for both adults and children.

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