Ooh La Lash! Lash & Brows Lounge Review

Ooh La Lash! Lash & Brows Lounge Galleria

It's been years since I had my last eyelash extension. Dalaga pa ko nun! Blame it to me being lazy on maintaining it and ano pa nga ba, busy kasi sa lahat ng bagay. :) If I was not gifted with a gift certificate to have an eyelash extension, I might not have done it. When the gift certificate is about to expire, I finally scheduled myself to pamper my eyelash once again.

I was never gifted with long eyelashes. Buti pa yung mga anak ko mahahaba ang mga lashes nila. My mom even trimmed my eyelashes when I was a baby believing that it will grow longer. But nah, it is not true. 

There's Beauty in Everything

I got my eyelash extensions done at Ooh La Lash Lash & Brows Lounge at their Galleria branch. I phoned them a day before to set an appointment. I was there on time and they advised me that the staff that will be doing my lashes is already on the way. There was a little misunderstanding on the appointment set but they were very apologetic and accommodated me really well even though I am using a gift certificate voucher.

Ooh La Lash! pillows

Ooh La Lash! interiors is very pleasing to the eyes. I felt really calm when I entered their lounge.

Ooh La Lash! Lash & Brows Lounge Galleria

First thing first, I was asked when was the last time I had my eyelashes done. I answered that I can't recall it, "basta matagal na". LOL! Then, they let me choose what kind of eyelashes I'd want. There are different lashes that you can choose from. Kung gusto mo umawra, go for the DIVA lashes. :p I preferred the natural lash that will help me shorten my beauty, no makeup routine everyday. There's also different lengths and curls basta dun na tayo sa natural looking lang. :)

eyelash hairs

I availed Package A (Classic Eyelash Extension + Eyebrow Threading) for P1,008. May sukli pa ko from my P1,500 gift certificate so I added the Color My Brows (Brow Tint) for P420. 

bare face

Here's my bare face before the procedure. I looked so pale even if I had my lip tint on. I had the eyebrow threading first followed by the tinting of my brows. They uses organic bamboo for threading the brows. The staff also explained how can I properly thread my brows. I usually pluck it but I've been neglecting to do so for several months now. Never thought that I've been plucking my brows the wrong way. I think I should avail eyebrow threading often now. It actually makes a difference.

Now, it's time for the eyelash extensions. The application of the lashes is done one hair at a time. It's quite meticulous and it took on a little while so I was able to take a nap and relaxed myself. It was satisfying. :)

When it was finished, it was a bit uncomfortable opening my eyes but I was able to adjust.

eyelash extensions and brow tint

And this is the result. Looked how my face lit up with just the brow tint and eyelash extensions. Ang bongga lang na na-enhanced yung mga mata ko. I don't even need a makeup and filter! :) Yes, no filter to mga besh!

I hope I can do this more often. I really loved the outcome and maintaining it is not that difficult as I expected it to be.

If you are interested to try what I experienced, check the below packages that you can avail from Ooh La Lash! 

Ooh La Lash! Packages

Ooh La Lash! is located at the 3F, West Wing at Robinson's Galleria. Just take the escalator going up from TGI Fridays. They also have branches in Glorietta and SM Mall of Asia.

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