Matcha Tea: 3 Benefits You Need to Know

Tea has risen a lot in popularity over the years. People everywhere are enjoying both the health benefits and the taste of all the tea options available. However, matcha tea hasn’t always been at the top of the popularity list.

wooden cup with matcha tea

That’s changed in the past few years. Matcha tea provides several benefits that regular tea doesn’t give you. Below are three ways drinking matcha will help.

1. More Antioxidants

The health benefits of antioxidants are well known. One of the biggest draws of tea is that it is a good source of them. Tea drinkers tend to have a healthier immune system as a result.

When you buy matcha tea powder online, you’re getting a tea that can provide you more antioxidants than the rest. Since you’re drinking the entire tea leaf, you’re getting more nutrients than you would simply by steeping the tea leaves in water.

2. More Energy

You probably drink black tea if you want an energy boost. It’s the tea that is known to have the most caffeine.

However, tea won’t give you the same amount of caffeine as coffee. If you want a bigger boost, then matcha is the tea you should drink. It contains three times the amount of caffeine as most teas on the market.

3. No Jitters

If you’re drinking coffee and tea for energy, the last thing you want is the jitters after it gets out of your system. Unfortunately, this is common for a lot of drinks with high caffeine.

The good news is that matcha won’t leave you with the jitters at the end of the day. The caffeine content in matcha is absorbed slower by the body. It won’t have as hard of an effect on it after the caffeine is processed.

Try Matcha Tea Today

The experience of drinking matcha is much different than a traditional tea brew. There is a lot of tradition involved in the brewing process. Make sure to learn more about it so you can brew your first cup the right way.

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