How to Keep Your Machines Operational

Many systems and machines need to operate smoothly for you to have a normal day at your home. You probably don’t think about them until one of them breaks and you have to figure out how to make do until a repair can be made. Think about whether you have neglected preventative care for any of these systems.

photo of building exterior with air conditioner

Heating and Cooling

Most Americans are accustomed to climate-controlled housing now, so losing air conditioning or heating can be devastating. You can call for HVAC maintenance once your furnace or AC gives out. However, if you choose this approach, you will probably have to spend a day freezing or sweating. It’s better for your machinery and your comfort if you schedule regular maintenance days. Even though the repair service may shut off the heat or air conditioning for a while, you can request to have the appointment on a mild day when it won’t matter.


Going to a laundromat is no fun, particularly if you have small children. However, you might not be able to go a day without doing laundry depending on how often you use it. Check your washer and dryer’s user guides to see when the warranty expires and how often service should be done on them. Air drying clothes takes longer and requires a drying rack, clothesline or simply extra chairs, but washing clothes and towels by hand is much more inconvenient. To avoid this situation, pay attention to small problems that may be developing with your washer and dryer such as shaking or rattling noises and have them fixed before the whole machine breaks.

Cooking Supplies

If your oven or stove breaks, you might be able to find alternative ways to cook until it can be repaired or replaced. However, if your refrigerator or freezer breaks, you risk losing all of the food inside it. Keep coolers on hand in case of a situation where you lose refrigeration and know the warranty details on all of your kitchen appliances.

It’s easy to become reliant on machines, but they can all break. Prepare yourself by knowing where you can find a repair or replacement and what you will have to do to get by in the meantime.

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