Gifts For the Horseback Rider in Your Life

woman riding horse

If you have a friend or family member who enjoys horseback riding as a hobby or sport, then you may be wondering what to get them for their birthday or Christmas. Here are some of the best gift options that they are guaranteed to love.

Stable Membership

To enhance your loved one's riding skills, you can purchase a club or stable membership for them. This way, they will have access to their hobby and horses to ride at all times. Many memberships also come with a set amount of hours of instruction every month, so they can improve their technique with professional trainers. Your loved one can also educate themselves more on board and care, and grooming and feeding horses as well as other aspects of equestrian life. 

New Riding Clothes

Horseback riding requires special clothes, especially if your loved one is a competitive rider. Therefore, they are always needing new apparel for riding, as wear as tear is common in the sport. You can get them quality riding outfits for a discounted price. With cheap riding clothes, you will be able to buy much more for a lower overall price, and get them a variety of options for every riding situation. 

Customized Saddle

A custom saddle is not only great for your loved one as a unique item, but it is also incredibly beneficial for their horse. For instance, if the rider is female, then it is more important to have a wider hip zone on the saddle to accommodate a larger pelvic area. You can also add an option for back support, so that they do not suffer from strain while they are riding for long periods of time. 

With these wonderful gift options, your loved one is guaranteed to love their hobby even more, and improve their horseback riding experience.

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