Finding the Quietest Washing Machines in the Market

Without a doubt, this machine has become one of our absolute essential daily needs. Can we even think of our lives or a time when we didn’t have one? And if we didn’t, because perhaps it was broken and waiting to be repaired, or we were on a delivery waiting list from the store, how were we feeling?

Were we suddenly lost because we couldn’t wear our old faithful pieces of denim that go in & out the wash but stay at the top of the pile of wearable clothes?

Or did we embrace the challenge of now putting a half-decent outfit together from the clothes we hardly look at in the cupboard but refuse to get rid of? An interesting thought when it comes down to it.

When it comes to choosing the right washing machine for your family or lifestyle, there are 2 front runner options. Are you a Top Loading kind of guy, or a Front-loading type family? To make your decision easier, have a look at this washing machines comparison guide and see what would best suit you.

Top Loader vs Front Loader.

A top-loading machine is essentially just that, throw your clothes in from the top. These are better suited though if you have an achy back or perhaps from the older generation. Then bending over to put in and take out wouldn’t be a problem. 

It also enables you to evenly sprinkle the washing powder over the washing for an even wash of all the clothes, so this is great for not having to worry whether you’ll end up with 1 dirty and 1 clean sock. Fun.

Front-loading machines, with today's ever-advancing technology, tend to be quieter and more stable due to better ‘engines’ as it were. This also allows for the installation of a washer-dryer combo that is stacked for saving space. The front loader won't be shaking anywhere anytime soon. 

So, there are factors to consider and choices to look at when deciding which will work for you and your family, weigh them all up before making the ultimate purchase.

3 Advantages of Having a Washing Machine.

• Time saver. You have the convenience of putting a load on with a set amount of time and you can leave it to do its thing. That extra time you would have used doing the washing by hand can now be spent with the kids.

• Sizing. Having so many options available on the market, you don’t have to worry about whether it’ll fit into your new apartment, you can be sure there is a size for everyone.

• Cycles. Whether it’s the end of the week bedding routine or a quick forgot-I-need-that-football-kit-for-tomorrow frenzy, machines now have efficient and unique programs to fit your schedule and you can have a load done in no time at all.

Grab a cup of coffee and find a relaxing chair, and have a read of this article and see all you can achieve by having a washing machine in your life.

What to Wash with?

Do you use a powder, liquid or what is now very popular on the market, the ‘pod?’ Do you use them together? Or one after the other? It seems a strange topic but one that is vital to achieving your desired effect. Some detergents allow for a starchier outcome, some others smelling like a wedding day bouquet.

When it comes to us doing the laundry, be it powder we use or liquid, they aren't that far apart regarding the function. Liquid detergent is good for getting out those Saturday night pizza grease marks, while the powder version is tough as nails for muddy football socks.

At the end of the day, all we want is for everything to be squeaky clean is it not?

Apps to Simplify our Busy Lives.

We are constantly on our phones and smart devices, so the fact that they now have apps we can link our appliances to is magic. Check out this URL to see the latest in the smartphone and washing machine relationships.

It's simple to set up, and with a click of a button – or a few - your washing is on its way to independent living.

Teaching Kids the Basics.

As they get older, they seem to use more layers and have more outfit changes than before. Getting them into the habit from an early age on how to separate colors from a dark or white load, how to load the machine and add in the washing detergent and have a bit of self-reliance will be hugely beneficial in their futures.

My children know all too well the consequences of their actions when it comes to a favorite white jumper and a red sock, they can’t be bothered to take out the dirty bundle. But I tell you what, they won't make that mistake again anytime soon.

If, however you are at the single to mingle stage of life, the old school trusted Laundromat down the road can work just fine for you. The machines are dramatically vintage, and usually, coin-operated. Which I love. 

It might cost more than usual with regards to if you had to say have a machine at home, but then how would you be able to change your status to ‘in a relationship?’ Haven't you seen the movies where love blossoms at the laundry...? 

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