Top Foods to Eat When You’re in Texas

Texas may take the prize for the U.S. state you’d most want to eat your way through. Here are just a few of the dishes associated with the “Lone Star” state.

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The famous Texas barbecue is not one specific dish — the kind you get depends on which part of the state you’re in. In East Texas, the meat will be incredibly tender and served, usually on a bun, with a flavorful tomato sauce. Central Texas pit style barbecue is all about the meat, which is often sliced to order, and if any sauce comes with it, it’ll be on the side and probably not very potent. In South Texas, the meat will be moist in a sweet molasses sauce.

Fried Catfish

Another ever-popular Texas offering is fried catfish plano tx, a mainstay of southern and Cajun cooking. The filets are usually soaked in buttermilk, then coated with corn meal and deep-fried. Your catfish will be served with hush puppies, cole slaw or potato salad, dinner rolls and a big glass of sweet iced tea.

Chicken Fried Steak

Even though neighboring state Oklahoma claims chicken fried steak as its official state meal, Texas restaurants still fight over which one of them, if any, invented it. The dish is probably based on the wiener schnitzel brought to Texas by German and Austrian immigrants in the 1800s. Cutlets of beef (or sometimes pork or chicken) are dipped in flour, egg, and then flour again, and deep-fried, then served with a thick white cream gravy and mashed potatoes.


The “bowl of red” is the Texas state food! And, although you can get every variety of chili in the state, if you want to experience what’s known as “Texas chili,” you’ll have to leave the beans behind, and maybe even the tomatoes. Chunks of beef, onions, chiles and spices form the base of Texas chili, and purists will insist you stop there.

Taking a culinary tour of Texas is an extremely appealing prospect. But if you can't make the trip, you can still make the food at home in your own kitchen!

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