Holiday Photo Backdrops from KateBackdrop

Are you looking for something to add color on your holiday festivities? From snowy scenes to traditional Christmas backgrounds, have the holiday backdrop to suit any photo session you may have!

Holiday Photo Backdrops from KateBackdrop

Katebackdrop was formally established in 2012. The “kate” brand registered in the United States is fully engaged in the Photo Backdrop field. At the same time, two production R&D bases are set up in Suzhou, China. It is a background brand of integration of production, supply, and “marketing of independent, design, production, and sales”. 

Holiday Photo Backdrops from KateBackdrop

Choose among must-haves backdrops are the following:

  • Winter Snow Backdrop
  • Microfiber Backdrop
  • Vintage Wall Backdrop
  • Hand Painted Canvas Rolled 

Also choose from their wide backdrop collections of backdrops such as festival, themed, season, collapsible, and even customized backdrop. They don't limit on backdrops as they also have photo pros, stands, sequins, gift cards, and background live. Price starts at $24.00.

Choosing Kate's photographic background, we will provide you with the highest quality service, high-quality products, exciting prices, and private custom background services. 

Shop a few of some Best Selling backdrops at Katebackdrop now!

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