3 Unique Date-Night Ideas

Who says date night has to be the same thing week after week? Here are a few ideas to help you mix things up.

photography of couple holding hands

Go 'Out' to Eat

Going out to dinner is a classic date. But what if you put a new spin on it and planned a picnic date instead? You could spend time together beforehand learning how to cook something new like a stew or roast, or you could try your hand at a date-night favorite like home-made spaghetti or andover pizza. Cooking together and spending time outside on a classic red-checkered picnic blanket can add a new flair to a well-loved evening tradition.

Take a Class

Taking a class can be a great way to get to know new sides to your partner. If you both have an interest in acting or pottery, but have never tried it, now is the time! If you both want to try something completely unfamiliar, like dance lessons or painting, you can look for opportunities in your area. You can spend an evening having fun, creating something new, and learning with your loved one. Even taking a class at a local college can be tons of fun!

Games and Sports Night

If you and your love share a little competitive streak, try planning a board games or sports night! This can also make for a great double or triple date. Going to a board game café or turning your home into a hub for games can be super fun. Or, if you would rather break a sweat, playing tennis, squash or even kicking around a soccer ball can all make for fun dates. Just make sure that everything is done in good fun, so that you and your partner end the night feeling great.

There are so many options for fun, unique date nights! Next time you and your partner are looking for something new to do, try one of these three ideas.

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