Why Moms Should Choose #PampersLessLawlaw Diaper?

Sarah Lahbati and baby

Mother's number one dilemma is when our babies diapers are wet, saggy, and non-stop changing of diapers at night. What you should look for in a diaper? Mom's should look for a diaper that is less lawlaw! Less lawlaw diaper means; 

  • Less palit, mas sulit! Less Lawlaw means more savings! Save as much as 2 diapers per day only because you change less.
  • Less lawlaw diaper helps with your baby's happy, healthy development. Lawlaw diaper delays learning how to walk. Learning to walk without any bulk between the legs is best for your baby's motor development.
  • Dry and comfortable for a longer time si baby which only means we can finally focus on quality bonding time with our babies.

Less Palit Mas Sulit

How you should look for a less lawlaw diaper to know that is is high quality? When babies pee, wetness is often accumulated in a single spot on the diaper. If the diaper is saggy, it means it is not able to absorb fast or evenly. This causes the lawlaw! This will also cause baby to be uncomfortable or they will feel irritated because of exposure to wetness.

Let's all do the lawlaw check mommies!

Diapers Lawlaw check

Always choose high quality diapers that don't sag like Pampers. High quality diapers are less lawlaw actually end up causing cheaper in the long run because less lawlaw means less diaper changes.

Do you have sulit stories to tell with less lawlaw Pampers? Share your stories online and get a chance to win Pampers gift-packs.

Pampers Dry Pants

Post about how Pampers is more sulit vs lolow quality diapers on your social media accounts because #PampersLessLawlaw is #LessLawlawLessPalit! Best posts get prizes from Pampers! Don't forget to have your post on public.

Mommy Bloggers Philippines holding Pampers Diapers

We also want to thank Pampers for sponsoring less lawlaw diapers to the orphaned babies at Cribs Foundation in Antipolo! Pampers is the best quality diapers for these active babies who were abandoned as such an early age. Thanks to Pampers, babies from Cribs Foundation can wear diapers all day and night. Aside from the volunteers and friendly staff, the babies are well loved and will feel comfortable and happy at all times wearing Pampers all day long.

Mommy Bloggers Philippines at Cribs Foundation Antipolo

Cribs Foundation is accepting volunteers and donations. Please message them directly.

Cribs Foundation
C. Lawis Extension, Sitio San Luis
Brgy. San Luis Antipolo City
(Near Santana Village Gate and near the back of Hankuk Academy)

(632) 280-6696
(63) 917-511-2742

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