Protect Your Yard from the Winter Blues

You aren’t the only one that can get the winter blues. Have you ever looked into your backyard during January or February and felt sorry for the plants, trees, and almost dead grasses? If you have, you are not the only one. Millions of people around the world have noticed their yard gets winter blues that it sometimes cannot spring back from, even with the warmth of spring. Here are three ways you can protect your yard from getting the winter blues.

bakyard blooming

Save the Trees

Trees are beneficial for the environment, fill the world with beauty, and shade your yard, but when fall comes, they can show the ravages that summer heat and insects have done to infect and destroy them. Before you decide to remove the tree, call in a company that knows about tree trimming Cincinnati because sometimes all your tree needs is to lose a few limbs to come back disease free in the spring. Most tree services can also cut away dead limbs, add a lightning rod to tall trees, and limb support to weak branches.

Aerate the Grass

Your grass has dense matted roots that often needs air to come back thick, green, and lush in the spring. Fall is the perfect time to aerate the grass to give it a great chance to transition through the cold. Aeration punches holes into, or tears small sections out of, the existing grass so that dying plants can send nutrients into the soil. The holes also allow water to enter the new grass in the spring.

Trim for Life

Winter can bring ice to yard plants, sometimes accumulating on long stems until the weight cracks or breaks the stalks. Be proactive and take time to prune back your bushes and plants to prevent blight, diseases, and mold. Don’t forget to trim the spruces and evergreens, too.

Protect your yard from the winter blues with the three tips above. Then wait for spring to bring you a vibrant, lush, and beautiful backyard.

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