Neurobion Feel To Win: Introduces Sense Glove for Neuropathy

When most Filipinos can no longer do simple daily tasks, they admit to feeling the frustration. But what they don’t know is that this inability might actually be the result of undiagnosed Neuropathy or nerve damage—symptoms of which include pangangalaypamamanhid and tusok-tusok.

Sam YG, Gabby Concepcion, Suzy Entrata-Abrera and Gelli Victor

Did you know that once 50% or more of the nerve tissue is damaged, the nerve reaches the “point of no return, which means that the nerve damage is permanent. That is why Neurobion wants Filipinos to take necessary action to prevent neuropathy, and those people who are already experiencing the symptoms should consult their doctors immediately.

Neurobion Feel to Win is an event where Filipinos can experience this breakthrough technology that brings to light the effects of Neuropathy. In this way Neurobion is raising awareness on this matter. This is to let people experience the frustration of those who have Neuropathy through the Sense Glove—a haptic glove that provides tactile and force feedback, enabling users to feel and interact with objects in virtual reality. 

Sam YG, Gabby Concepcion, Suzy Entrata-Abrera and Gelli Victor

In the launch event held recently in Eastwood Mall Atrium, Quezon City, media and other special guests were given the opportunity to be the first to try the nerve challenges, with the assistance of celebrity Nerve Drill Instructors for the day, Gabby Concepcion, Sam YG and Suzy Entrata-Abrera.


Neurobion provided different challenges that test the strength of people’s nerves: the brand’s first-ever Sense Glove VR challenge that mimics the frustration and difficulty of a person with Neuropathy, the Nerve Twist challenge that reinvents the classic Twister game by using everyday poses that strain the nerves, and the Nerve Wobble challenge that utilizes a wobble board to test a person’s ability to hold a pose for extended periods.

Experience the Sense Glove for yourself at the Neurobion Feel to Win event in Lucky Chinatown Mall Atrium on September 21.

To learn more about keeping your nerves healthy, follow Neurobion Philippines on Facebook.

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