Four Housewarming Gift Ideas

Your friend or loved one moved into a new home a while back and they’re hosting a housewarming party. Everyone knows that a housewarming is not just an opportunity for the host to show off the new place, but an opportunity for friends and family to bless the new place with presence and presents! Put some care into a thoughtful gift. Here are some ideas to consider.

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Gift Registry

While gift registries tend to be associated with weddings and baby showers, more people are creating housewarming registries. Before you buy, inquire about a registry. This is a great way to not only see what the host needs for their home, but exactly what they want. You don’t need to worry if an item meets a particular taste.


Many people like to mark a special occasion or moment with keepsakes. Your loved one may have space to feature tchotchkes such as mantels or display cabinets. Such presents may be customized as a special touch. Check out a seller of Hallmark figurines for small gifts to show love and support.

Wine, Beer and Liquor

If appropriate, a bottle of the host’s favorite wine, beer or liquor makes for a great present. Such libations are often enjoyed in the company of guests. What better way to make a new dwelling feel like home than to offer presents that engender a sense of comfort and familiarity?

Gift Cards

There may have been a time when the idea of sending money seemed impersonal; however, that thinking is passé. Often the host may need to purchase new items for their home. A gift card can be a great gift, especially if the recipient doesn’t yet know what they want or need. Consider a card for a retailer that offers home goods and/or home improvement tools.

Help your loved one celebrate this important milestone with a thoughtful present. Whether the recipient has identified what they need or not, there are many options to show how much you care. Some say that it’s the thought that counts. Take it further with something truly special and meaningful.  

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