Why Choose a Montessori School For Your Child

Parents often make hundreds of decisions daily for their children, but some require more research and thought than others. A child’s school and learning curriculum help shape their personality, education and future success. If you’re deciding on a path for your child or are wondering if the current one is the best, it may be worth exploring Montessori programs. These offer a unique approach that teach life skills, along with traditional subjects, and align better with life after primary school.

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What is Different About Montessori?

Montessori schools employ teachers trained in this method that focuses on a different way of learning. Children spend more time directing themselves and using hands on approaches to traditional subjects like math, technology and science. They often group several ages of children together, as opposed to having one grade for each birth year. They also use specialized Montessori math materials to blend several subjects and create logical way of learning.

How Do I Choose a School?

Choosing a Montessori school should follow the same way you choose any environment in which your child will spend time; you should talk to the staff and administrators, and visit for a tour. Make sure the school is well established and a member of the American Montessori Society. Take the time to talk to parents of current students to ask them about the positives and negatives.  

When Do I Need To Start Looking?

As soon as you are curious, contact a school near you for information. Many schools offer tours all year round, but it’s usually a good idea to go when school is in session. It’s never too early to begin the process, as some popular schools fill up classes quickly.

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Montessori schools are a great alternative to the traditional classroom setting. They work well with all personalities, and children develop a well-rounded love of learning. Before choosing a school, make sure to visit it and ask about its curriculum and academics. It will be a fulfilling decision and your child will surely benefit.

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