Your Third Trimester: Preparing for Baby's Birth

After months of joy, struggle and anticipation, you've finally made it to your third trimester. Baby is almost here! But before your little bundle arrives, it's a good idea to tackle a few final tasks to make sure you're ready for the labor and delivery process and bringing baby home. Here are three important ways to prepare for your child's birth during your final trimester of pregnancy.

9th month pregnancy

Create a Birthing Plan and Packing List

Whether you've chosen a natural birth in a tampa bay birth center or plan to have an epidural in a hospital setting, you still need to type out your specific desires and wishes for your labor and delivery process. Have several copies available to distribute to your nurses and midwife or doctors where you give birth. Be sure to call and ask what they have available to expectant mothers, like birthing balls or heating pads, to help you make a detailed packing list.

Arrange Care for Other Children and Pets

If you have older children or pets at home, make arrangements now for babysitters and pet sitters. Create a handout with their daily schedules and routines, as well as their likes and dislikes to make life easier for the caregivers. Go to the ATM now and set aside the cash you need for payment.

Make Sure You Have the Necessities Ready

While it's great to have the nursery decorated and every outfit washed and put away, there are only a few things that absolutely have to be in your house the moment you bring home your new baby, like a crib, wipes, and some diapers. However, there are some items that are worth having on hand so you won't have to rush out late at night those first few weeks home. Make sure your nursery is stocked with gas drops, a rectal thermometer, and infant's acetaminophen. Always consult a physician before medicating an infant.

It's easy for many little things to take up your time in the final weeks before your due date. Make sure you're truly ready by checking these important tasks off your list.

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