Things to Check Annually on the Exterior of Your Home

There are a variety of chores required to upkeep a home. While interior maintenance is often handled as needed, some exterior maintenance goes overlooked as it may not be as obvious. There are a few things to check at least once a year to maintain a safe exterior and attractive curbside appearance.

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Analyze the Roof

Examine your roof for damage or potential leaks. Do a visual inspection of shingles for ones that look deteriorated or misshapen. Check the roof from within the attic for water stains or points of weakness. Unusual findings may be damage to the roof that requires repairs. For needed repairs, do an internet search such as roofers near me to find roofing companies in your area.

Check Drainage and Ventilation

If there is standing water on the property after a rain, check that the exterior drainage is not blocked. Standing water and unregulated drainage can cause erosion leading to foundation issues. Verify gutters are clear and draining properly. Get your chimney cleaned for safety and efficiency. Ensure dryer and exhaust vents are clean and unclogged.

Evaluate Windows and Doors

Assess each window and exterior door to ensure all locking mechanisms are working. Ensure window wells are clear of dirt and debris. Check window screens for damage, and repair or replace them as needed. Add weather stripping to windows and doors that do not have a proper seal.

Assess Walls and Landscaping

Review exterior walls for cleaning or painting needs. Check patios and decks for damage and repair as necessary. Take care to clear dead shrubs or trees from the yard. While they are unsightly, falling trees and limbs also pose a hazard to people and property. Also ensure there is no interference with electrical lines, sidewalks or roadways.

In addition to these things, keep an eye on exterior lights and security systems. Repair cracks and holes in driveways and sidewalks. Weed and mulch lawns and gardens. Walk fences to check for holes or weak points. Make a plan, and make the exterior of your home the best in the neighborhood.

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