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I went back to Eastwood last weekend to try offerings from Salamangka. Oh I miss this place terribly! Andame ng new restaurants and bar! One of this is Salamangka Restaurant and Bar (The Distillery before). Salamangka means 'It's Magic' in English. 

Interiors of Salamangka are conceptualized from Filipino mythological folklore. Among the famous ones are aswang, tikbalang, kapre, tyanak, pugot and engkanto. Even their menus are named after them.

Unfortunately, I accidentally erased all my images during the foodie meetup. But let me still try to recall the dishes because I am a visual person when it comes to writing reviews. (sorry na!)

Kamote Chips - Na-Salamangka ako dito! Never thought kamote is good with condensed milk! Sorry first time eh! :)

Piknik P199 - Hand-cut fries served with three different sauces.

Sinigang sa Manggang Hilaw

Sinigang sa Manggang Hilaw P279 - Homemade beef sinigang transformed from soup to solid with a sour mango twist. I never thought that sinigang is this good without sabaw in it! Definitely a must-try!

Tinapa P189 - Tinapa flakes paired with salted egg. Served with burong mangga.

Coca Cola Wings P259 - Fried wings simmered in a Coca-Cola reduction. served with Piknik.

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Itlog na Maalat Wings P349 - Salted egg chicken wings. Served with piknik.

Vegan Nachos P199 - Toasted pita chips with gound tofu, Yummza pesto hummus, lemon and oil.

Salamangka also offers coffee. One of their Signature Coffee that you should try is Bulletproof Coffee for P190

The magic doesn't stop there, Salamangka also matched their coffee with their craft-beer selection which they get from Engkanto Brewery (one of the biggest brewers of craft beer in the country). 

You'll also get curious with their infused cocktails named after mythological creatures like Mambabarang P99/glass (gin, lime juice, cucumber slices and mint leaves), Wakwak P99/glass (rum, lime juice, mango puree, mint leaves) and Ibong Adarna P199/glass (tequila, pineapple, calamansi, chili). 

If those names doesn't excite you yet, wait till you have the shot glass from Pitong Elemento P370 (infused with 7 crafted elements).

  • Undin - roasted bell pepper vodka
  • Kibaan - raisin gin
  • Sigbin - orange vodka
  • Nuno sa Punso - spearmint chocolate vodka
  • Tiyanak - Thai chili tequila
  • Santelmo - lemon vodka
  • Duwende - dried mango rum

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SALAMANGKA in Filipino means “magic” from enchanting spells and folklore. No wonder they have native infusions that they call PITONG ELEMENTO 🥃 (7 Elements), like..... NUNO SA PUNSO, a spearmint chocolate vodka... TIYANAK, Thai chili tequila... DUWENDE, dried mango rum. Order all the 7 infusions for just Php350! Or try their Homemade Cocktails🍹🍸... MAMBABARANG - refreshing with gin, lime juice, cucumber slices,.mint leaves. WAKWAK - fruity with Mango puree, rum, lime juice & mint leaves. IBONG ADARNA - reminds me of a margarita with its tequila, pineapple and Calamansi but with spiciness of the chili. Maybe take a Beer flight ( 🍺 + 🛫 ) with ENGKANTO CRAFT BEERS from lager to IPA to Double IPA and Pale Ale. Truly, Salamangka in Eastwood promises a mystical experience that will leave you spellbound. Cheers! 🍻 @salamangkamnl @welovetoeatph #tastemagic #misteryongsalamangka #isangtaonghiwaga
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Surprised your friends with your knowledge of mythical creatures of the Philippines and join their 'Gabi ng Pagsusulit', a quiz night every Thursday (2nd & 4th) of the month. 

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Experience Salamangka and judge it for yourself if you'll be enchanted by their charm and magic. Thanks for having me Salamangka Restaurant & Bar!

Salamangka Restaurant & Bar
Eastwood Citywalk 1, 
Libis, Quezon City
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