How To Upgrade Your Garage Door

Whether you want to make a statement on your block or need to improve your curb appeal for a pending sale, your garage is a great place to start. For your garage door Denton, here are some ideas to dress up this large area on the front of your home.

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Get Any Repairs

Before starting an aesthetic project, make sure your garage door is clean and in good repair. This can prevent problems down the road which might affect the look of your door. It is also a good rule in general because a home with a tidy, working garage door looks and sells better. Use a trusted contractor and look into any upgrades, too.

Stains and Paints

One quick way to change the look of your home is to try a new coat of paint or stain for your garage door. Your door can make a statement with a bold color choice, such as red or blue. You can choose a color to match other doors in your home or just coordinate in a stylish way. Stains are another aesthetic choice you can make for a garage. You can choose something dark and rustic or pale and nautical.

Faux Carriage Door

With the right metal accents, you can take a boring garage door and turn in into something rustic and special. Carriage doors are a popular home feature but can be difficult and costly to install. That is why a faux carriage door for your garage door Denton can be a better option.

The right tweaks can turn an ordinary garage door into a unique statement that makes your home stand out. You do not need to remodel your entire home exterior to make an improvement to your curb appeal. Repairs, paint, stains and hardware make all the difference. 

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