Benefits Of Organic Food

When you are shopping, you have many options available. You might be looking for items that have fewer preservatives or chemicals when they are made. Organic products have to follow certain guidelines to earn that certification. From produce to organic skin care products for sensitive skin, here are a few benefits of buying organic.

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Chemical Free 

These products are raised or produced free of pesticides, hormones, or other man made additives. These substances can be harmful to insects, birds and animals that feed off the byproduct. They can also contain heavy metals that can be unhealthy to humans in large repeated doses. Also, the produce grown this way is fresher that their competition since it is made without preservatives.

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Good For Nature

Organic farming helps the earth by leaving pure, untainted soil behind after planting and harvest. The ground says intact instead of eroding. Any runoff after a hard rain is chemical free. The lack of pesticides also allows more nutrients to stay in the soil which results in better tasting fruits and vegetables. 

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Happy Livestock

Cows that are raised in a place with space to roam with natural food to eat are less susceptible to getting bacteria they are unable to fight off. Feeding them organic food also keeps them healthy from diseases like Mad Cow Disease. Their milk tastes better than from cows treated with growth hormones and antibiotics and these animals make milk that contains the healthy fats we need like Omega-3.

Keep Your Money Local

If you purchase your food from a local organic farmer, you will help finance families in your area instead of giving it to a major corporation. It will be fresher since it has a smaller distance to travel. It is a little cheaper due to the shorter distance it has to be shipped.

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