4 Reasons a Steel Building Might Work for You

Metal structures have many advantages over traditional, stick-built buildings:

  • strong
  • quick to construct
  • may lower insurance costs
  • recyclable

architectural design building
Photo by Philipp Birmes from Pexels

This has made steel buildings a popular choice for large agricultural and manufacturing structures, but what about the average homeowner? There are plenty of ways that steel buildings pittsburgh pa can be used in a residential setting.


Because they are so strong, steel buildings withstand wind and snow loads very well. They can be bolted together in just a few days, depending upon the size of the building, so they are a great choice for garages and equipment sheds. It is easy to add electrical wiring or plumbing to a steel building as well. 

Specialty Buildings

Steel buildings are versatile and come in many shapes and sizes. It is easy to design a structure for a specific purpose such as a business or a recreational building. Perhaps the kitchen table food business you started is out-growing your kitchen. A steel building can give you plenty of new work and storage space. Maybe you want a man cave, but there is nowhere in the house to put it. A steel structure in the backyard could fit the bill. Although steel is a great heat conductor, you can add insulation and drywall to make the space more comfortable and less expensive to heat.

steel house


Some architects are designing houses with steel shells. Not only are these structures beautiful because of steel's malleability, but a steel house may also lower a homeowner's insurance premiums. Steel is fire-resistant and can withstand high winds, which makes it an attractive building material in fire-prone forests or along coastlines where hurricanes are common. 


Another point in favor of steel buildings is that the metal can be recycled, and today's steel buildings often contain some recycled content. Steel is often used in LEED-certified structures and under some circumstances is considered a green building material. 

Steel is durable and easy to work with. A steel structure goes up quickly and lasts a long time. Check out steel buildings for your next project.

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