Sun Life Financial: ‘KaAkbay' Stories of Lifetime Partnerships

Sun Life Financial: ‘KaAkbay' Stories of Lifetime Partnerships

A lifetime partner makes life brighter. Someone who motivates, believes, supports and inspires. Sun Life hopes to encourage Filipinos to find that partner who will help them shine to their full potential as they launch the campaign ‘KaAkbay' Stories of Lifetime Partnerships.

mother and daughter

Attended the campaign and it was a very emotional experience for me. I remember one special person who I considered my lifetime partner. Meet my mom, she is an OFW. She strives so hard for me and my brother to have a better life. She is my friend, but my number 1 enemy. The person who taught me to become independent as such a young age, strict when it comes to spending money that I learned to become thrifty, the only person who can say direct and honest things to me to be the better version of myself. She is the person who motivates me to work harder and do everything I could to be with my kids. She is one of the reasons I invested on having an insurance and getting a house of my own. I hope she is proud of me because I am so proud of me. She is my lifetime partner, my ‘KaAkbay' in life.

Piolo & Inigo Pascual, Enchong Dee, Matteo Guidecelli, and Charo Santos-Concio

Going back to the event, Piolo & Inigo Pascual, Enchong Dee, Matteo Guidecelli, and Charo Santos-Concio revealed who their lifetime partners are, in a deeply deeply personal campaign which they co-created with Sun Life. At the center of the campaign is a set of videos which shows how their lives were made brighter with the help of their respective lifetime partners.

Enchong confessed. “When I saw the finished product, I couldn’t help but cry." 

Matteo had the same sentiment. ”This is it as real as it gets. The authenticity of emotions was clearly captured in the videos, and I look toward to sharing it with everyone," he said. 

Meanwhile, Charo marveled at the experience of sharing her own story. "Seeing an important part of my life immortalized through the video brought back so many memories that I share with my lifetime partner," she said. “It was unnerving at first but in the end, it was a beautiful way to pay tribute to someone who impacted my life in so many ways." 

Watch out for their stories here:

Catch it on the following dates:

Coach - July 13
Nonno - July 20
Bro - July 27
Greatest Love - August 3

Sun Life Financial: ‘KaAkbay' Stories of Lifetime Partnerships

"Their stories exemplify the kind of partner Sun Life aims to be for every Filipino pursuing his financial journey," Sun Life Chief Marketing Officer Mylene Lopa said. ”We are committed to helping them make life brighter." 

Inigo Pascual singing Kaakbay

Meanwhile, the soundtrack for the campaign, also entitled 'Kaakbay' which was written and performed by Inigo himself, will soon be hitting airwaves nationwide, while its music video will be shown on Myx. "It’s a song you can dedicate to an important person in your life,” he said. ”We don’t always tell our loved ones how much we appreciate them, but I hope that this song and our own ‘Kaakbay’ videos will inspire everyone to express just how much their loved ones mean to them."


'KaakbaY' is Sun Life’s latest effort geared towards renewing its commitment to becoming the Filipinos' lifetime financial partner and its purpose of providing its clients with lifetime financial security, which it has been championing since it introduced life insurance in the Philippines in 1895. 

Sun Life Financial: ‘KaAkbay' Stories of Lifetime Partnerships

Piolo, a long-time client and brand ambassador of the company, highlighted that his own relationship with Sun Life is truly one that can be defined as a lifetime partnership. "Sun Life has been my lifetime partner in every step of my journey. A 'kaakbay’ in every way. With their help, I’ve been able to secure a brighter future not just for myself, but for my family as well,” he said. "I hope that my story, as well as that of my fellow ambassadors, will encourage more Filipinos to pursue financial security and live healthier lives with Sun Life as their lifetime partner.” 

What about you, "Sino ang Kaakbay mo sa buhay"? Share your stories on social media and you might get a chance to go to Singapore! See more details here.

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