Sun Life's Financial Independence Month

One of the many things I struggled into being a Financial Advisor from Sun Life is getting clients. Admittedly, Filipinos are keen on saving but not into investing. Some of the people I knew or people I offered my services are either scared, don't have much info about it or just plain not interested at all. Sunlife studied that Filipinos are eager to prepare for the future, but are still tied to traditional ways of handling their finances.

According to the study, 68% of Filipinos were concerned about saving for emergencies, 62% on securing their family’s future, and 57% on retirement. In order to address these priorities, 62% said they are managing their finances while 54% are spending only on things that are planned. Only 39% replied that they were investing their money in order to fund their goals.

Many pointed to their financial situation as a reason for not availing of life insurance or mutual fund products, where an average of 44% said that these products are considered as added expenses rather than tools to be financially secure. Moreover, it appears that lack of knowledge was also a factor, where 16% admitted they knew little about life insurance, 15% confessed to not knowing much about accident insurance, and 17% felt the same way about health insurance.

On June 12, Philippines will be celebrating its Independence Day. That is why Sunlife would like to celebrate this month as Financial Independence Month. Isn't it nice if we also have our financial freedom? This prompted Sun Life to adopt the theme ”Life, Health, and Wealth” for this month's campaign. To start off, they invited a few known persons to their field to share their experiences on life, health, and wealth on their Sunlife Talks.

Bro. Bo Sanchez, Sarah Black and Kristina Lopez-Reyes

First to talk is the Messy Bessy Founder Kristina “Krie” Lopez-Reyes. Have you heard of Messy Bessy products? Messy Bessy has natural cleanser which also saves our environment. I already tried a few of their products and I must say that it really works. She shared her biggest 'Why' on bringing Messy Bessy into the public and why she helps kids go to college. When you buy products from them, you also help those kids. She didn't just make a business but instead come up with a way to help others who is not fortunate enough to study. She also teaches them how to handle their money well. I really admire her passion and dedication.

On health, we got to hear Sarah Black. Sarah fulfilled her life as a photographer. But she made a turning point and begins her journey to wellness when she had a breast cancer scare and a multiple hip fracture. She then desires to take care of her body more. She now leads a community (Live Awake Meditation) to help them meditate.

Bro. Bo Sanchez

Lastly, hearing Bro. Bo Sanchez for the very first time about wealth felt surreal. I remembered that I first read his book "My Maid Invests in the Stock Market" via ebook which was sent to me by Mommy Jen and I was inspired since then. Hearing his talk, I was laughing the whole time. He was so real and I can relate to his experiences. Above all, he is also the man who made me tried investing. I now have VUL, UITF and Mutual Funds, all thanks to him! I haven't tried opening a COL yet but I am not closing my doors. I honestly want to hear more from him.

Aside from the inspirational talks, highlighting the Sunlife's Financial Independence Month, here are the right partner, tools, and products to help each and every Filipino of achieving a brighter future. 

Life Solutions

Among the initiatives under ”Life” is the Life Insurance Calculator, which would help one assess how much life insurance he would need to properly cover the needs of his loved ones, giving him a clearer goal to pursue. The digital tool can be accessed via

Meanwhile, SUN Smarter Life Classic is a protection plan that provides double life insurance coverage throughout one's lifetime. Available in flexible premium payments, it also offers benefits that he can use in case of emergencies or immediate need for cash.

Sun Life is also set to team up with Waze to promote road safety in an initiative dubbed ”Brighter Drive, Brighter Life,” which will alert Waze users on accident-prone areas. This may also serve as a reminder for Waze users, who are also registered Lazada members, to insure themselves with digital life insurance from Sun Life, such as Life Armor. It may be availed via the said online marketplace for as low as P100.

Health Solutions
Under Health, Sun Life endorses SUN Fit and Well, a new generation wellness plan that offers comprehensive life and health protection. It covers the whole health Journey from prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation, offering comfort and peace of mind should a serious illness strike.

GoWell, Sun Life's wellness community, has also expanded its tie-up with Fitness First to offer club benefits and preferential rates for Sun Life clients, advisors and employees.

Wealth solutions

Those eager to pursue their wealth goals can give the Investment Calculator 3 try at|nvestmentCalc to see how their money can grow over time using various financial instruments.

Once they are ready to start investing, they can opt to invest in the Sun Life Prosperity Achiever Funds from Sun Life Asset Management Inc. (SLAMCI). The first target date investment funds in the Philippines, these funds are designed to help investors achieve their goals on time with the minimum investment at only P1,000.

Should they wish to encourage their loved ones to start their own investing journey as well, they can give them a Sun Life Prosperity Card, 3 gift card which can be invested in any of Sun Life’s peso-denominated funds. It is available in P1,000 and P5,000 denominations.

In order to keep them on track as they pursue their life, health, and wealth goals, Sun Life also created Sun Future Planner, a comprehensive financial planning guide that would help one determine his life stage, analyze his needs, and take concrete steps to achieve his goals. The Sun Future Planner may be availed via a Sun Life advisor.

For updates on Sun Life’s Financial Independence Month initiatives and for details on Sun Life’s products and digital tools, follow @SunLifePH on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, visit, or talk to a Sun Life advisor today.

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