Stylish Walking Shoes for Summer Travel

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Walking is one of the best forms of exercise and traveling during the summer doesn’t mean there's an excuse to not get your recommended daily 30-minute workout. Stylish walking shoes are easy to find and many designers now blend their casual and athletic models together to produce footwear that’s efficient, attractive and high performance. You can spruce up this summer's travel adventures with fashionably tasteful and well designed walking gear available from Diadora sneakers, Asics and Fenty Puma.

Summer Sneakers for Traveling

Diadora is making headway with its innovative technology and retro chic designs. The Italian company goes one step beyond the other designers with its sneakers by merging its iconic features into stylish unisex sports shoes. Drawing from its proprietary research and development center, Diadora designs its shoes with built-in comfort, heel support and well-chosen shock-absorbing materials. Known for its urban and contemporary sporting shoes, Diadora’s distinctive styles are designed to provide outstanding performance and functionality. If you're planning on traveling to an exotic destination or vacationing close to home, Diadora offers a variety of walking shoes that will fit in with this summer's fashion no matter where you go.

Traveling with Asics Running Shoes

The award-winning Asics brand is the product of a Japanese company that takes its name from the acronym representing “anima sana in corpore sano,” which is Latin for "healthy soul in a healthy body." The company designs and produces shoes for walking, running and cross training. Women's Asics running shoes are lightweight and designed to be comfortable on your feet, so they're suitable for any vacation getaway. The flexible mesh models come in a variety of dark, neutral and neon colors and easily conform to the unique contours of your feet. Breaking them in is an undemanding task that can be accomplished by simply wearing them with double socks and walking around at home. Asics running shoes feature cushioning at the heel and in the toes to protect your feet against impacts when hitting any hard surface. For this reason, they're well-suited for walking on the sand at the beach, shopping or hitting the gym.

The Fenty Puma Shoe Line for Summer

Walking while remaining camera-ready at the same time is an art mastered naturally by the award-winning singer, Rihanna. Before launching her successful Fenty fashion line of cosmetics and clothing, she teamed up with Puma to create a line of stylish athletic shoes. The Fenty Puma shoes come in exclusive combinations that only a nine-time Grammy Award winner could invent: construction boots with sneakers, creepers with bows and sneakers with sky-high wedge heels.

Some people claim that walking in sneakers with platform soles can also be used for additional toning of the calves and leg muscles. Nevertheless, it's always a good idea to try out a new style of footwear to see how they fit in with your particular walking stride.

Style and Comfort Can Make the Most of Summer Traveling

Walking in comfort and style could be a challenge if you don't know where to start. You can be assured, however, that Diadora sneakers, Asics and the Fenty Puma shoe lines have all the models you’ll need for this summer’s traveling. Check them out and discover how practical, versatile and appealing footwear can take you far this summer.

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