How to Keep Pests Out of Your Home

Finding evidence of a rodent invasion or an insect population in your home can be frustrating. Taking action to prevent unwanted creatures from entering before they invade may save you the headaches of trying to expel them after they have established themselves.

Defend Against Insects and Spiders

Most people have to deal with keeping insects out of the house during the summer months, especially in the kitchen and basement. Keep food covered and put away to deter flies and ants from congregating. You may want to consider hiring pros who deal with spider pest control at the first sign of an eight-legged visitor. An easy solution to winning the war on fruit flies is to fill a jar with vinegar, cover the top of it with a plastic film, then poke some holes. The aroma is irresistible, and they will become trapped upon entering the enclosure. For ant control, there are poisons available to place near the bases of walls.

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Seal Your Perimeter

Rodents, in particular, will find the smallest nook or crack in the exterior of a structure and use it for entry. Spring is a great time to inspect for these openings. Perform a thorough inspection immediately underneath the lowest layer of siding. Mice and squirrels are experts at finding compromised areas with which to gain access. Be sure to cover the entire periphery by running a hand underneath the edge to feel for aberrations. You may also want to utilize a small mirror for visual confirmation in tight spots. If you do find a breach, spray foam is usually the easiest fix.

For a few dollars, one can of substance should be more than enough to complete a sealing job. In highly visible spaces, some people prefer to use caulk, which can be more easily painted over. By taking the time to examine your residence, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being pest-free. 

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