5 Birthday Desserts More Memorable Than Cake

Not everyone is a fan of cake, yet that always seems to be the go-to dessert for every birthday. You might start wondering what you can do to mix things up and swap out this traditional dessert with something a little more special. Here are some great ideas for making the next birthday’s finale a fun surprise.

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Cookie Cakes

Throw boring old cake out the window and go for a giant cookie instead! Cookie cakes are perfect for keeping the traditional look and size of a cake without the cake itself. They can be decorated any way you want and are usually available in most grocery stores. If you’re looking for something fancier, try Googling cookie shops in your area (e.g. cookie cake Atlanta).

Ice Cream Cakes

Some people just love ice cream, and that’s all they want for their birthday. So why not go big and get an entire cake made of ice cream? While many versions still include layers of cake between ice cream, others offer an ice cream-only option. Not to mention the endless assortment of flavors.

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You can make a cheesecake in almost any flavor imaginable, with recipes ranging from traditional plain to chocolate amaretto available online. Having this at a birthday celebration can add pizzazz to an otherwise simple occasion.

Fruit Tarts

If the birthday king or queen is a fan of fruit, making a tart with his or her favorite fruits can make for the perfect celebration. Plus, it never hurts to have a healthier dessert option available.


No one ever said pies were confined to the decorative table of Thanksgiving. Apple, chocolate, peach — the options for pies are endless, and the satisfaction of biting into a slice still warm from the oven is well worth the change up.

Cake is great, but there are too many potential desserts out there to only have the same one every year. Trying a new one might even get you to discover a new favorite birthday dessert for years to come.

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